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Information for build openstack-nova-18.0.1-1.el7

Package Nameopenstack-nova
SummaryOpenStack Compute (nova)
Description OpenStack Compute (codename Nova) is open source software designed to provision and manage large networks of virtual machines, creating a redundant and scalable cloud computing platform. It gives you the software, control panels, and APIs required to orchestrate a cloud, including running instances, managing networks, and controlling access through users and projects. OpenStack Compute strives to be both hardware and hypervisor agnostic, currently supporting a variety of standard hardware configurations and seven major hypervisors.
Built byrdobuilder
State complete
StartedTue, 25 Sep 2018 03:42:16 UTC
CompletedTue, 25 Sep 2018 03:48:45 UTC
Taskbuild (cloud7-openstack-rocky-el7, openstack-nova-18.0.1-1.el7.src.rpm)
openstack-nova-18.0.1-1.el7.src.rpm (info) (download)
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openstack-nova-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openstack-nova-api-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openstack-nova-cells-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openstack-nova-common-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openstack-nova-compute-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openstack-nova-conductor-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openstack-nova-console-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openstack-nova-migration-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openstack-nova-network-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openstack-nova-novncproxy-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openstack-nova-placement-api-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openstack-nova-scheduler-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openstack-nova-serialproxy-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openstack-nova-spicehtml5proxy-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
python-nova-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
python-nova-tests-18.0.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Mon Sep 24 2018 RDO <> 1:18.0.1-1 - Update to 18.0.1 * Wed Sep 19 2018 RDO <> 1:18.0.0-2 - Update python2-oslo-db requirement to 4.40.0 or later * Thu Aug 30 2018 RDO <> 1:18.0.0-1 - Update to 18.0.0 * Fri Aug 24 2018 RDO <> 1:18.0.0-0.3.0rc2 - Update to * Thu Aug 23 2018 RDO <> 1:18.0.0-0.2.0rc1 - Update to * Thu Aug 16 2018 RDO <> 1:18.0.0-0.1.0rc1 - Update to