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Information for build rh-mongodb36-gperftools-2.6.1-1.bs1.el7

Package Namerh-mongodb36-gperftools
SummaryVery fast malloc and performance analysis tools
DescriptionPerf Tools is a collection of performance analysis tools, including a high-performance multi-threaded malloc() implementation that works particularly well with threads and STL, a thread-friendly heap-checker, a heap profiler, and a cpu-profiler. This is a metapackage which pulls in all of the gperftools (and pprof) binaries, libraries, and development headers, so that you can use them.
Built byhhorak
State complete
StartedMon, 07 Jan 2019 21:13:01 UTC
CompletedMon, 07 Jan 2019 21:20:07 UTC
Taskbuild (sclo7-rh-mongodb36-rh-el7, rh-mongodb36-gperftools-2.6.1-1.bs1.el7.src.rpm)
rh-mongodb36-gperftools-2.6.1-1.bs1.el7.src.rpm (info) (download)
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rh-mongodb36-gperftools-2.6.1-1.bs1.el7.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
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rh-mongodb36-gperftools-debuginfo-2.6.1-1.bs1.el7.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Thu Oct 12 2017 Miroslav Rezanina <> - 2.4-8.el7 - Rebase to 2.6.1 [bz#1431240] - Removed libunwind usage [bz#1467203] - Resolves: bz#1431240 (gperftools fails to build on s390x, lacks s390x support) - Resolves: bz#1467203 (Please, remove libunwind from the gperftools-libs (and 389-ds-base) requirements) * Wed Jun 22 2016 Miroslav Rezanina <> - 2.4-8.el7 - gp-Use-initial-exec-tls-for-libunwind-s-recursion-flag.patch [bz#1339710] - Resolves: bz#1339710 (initalization of 'recursive' tls variable in libunwind stack capturer occasionally triggers deadlock in ceph) * Wed Aug 26 2015 Miroslav Rezanina <> 2.4-7 - Rebuild to fix NVR [bz#1269032] - Resolves: bz#1269032 (gperftools NVR lower than EPEL version) * Wed Aug 26 2015 Miroslav Rezanina <> 2.4-2 - gperf-allow-customizing-trace-filename.patch [bz#1232702] - Resolves: bz#1232702 (gperftools: tcmalloc debug version uses hard-coded path /tmp/google.alloc) * Tue Jun 02 2015 Miroslav Rezanina <> 2.4-1 - Import to RHEL