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Package Namerh-mongodb36-libstemmer
SummaryC stemming algorithm library
DescriptionSnowball stemming algorithms for use in Information Retrieval Snowball provides access to efficient algorithms for calculating a "stemmed" form of a word. This is a form with most of the common morphological endings removed; hopefully representing a common linguistic base form. This is most useful in building search engines and information retrieval software; for example, a search with stemming enabled should be able to find a document containing "cycling" given the query "cycles". Snowball provides algorithms for several (mainly European) languages. It also provides access to the classic Porter stemming algorithm for English: although this has been superseded by an improved algorithm, the original algorithm may be of interest to information retrieval researchers wishing to reproduce results of earlier experiments.
Built byhhorak
State complete
StartedMon, 07 Jan 2019 21:36:48 UTC
CompletedMon, 07 Jan 2019 21:39:23 UTC
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Changelog * Wed Mar 18 2015 Marek Skalicky <> - 0-5.585svn - Rebuilt for 'scls' removal * Mon Jan 26 2015 Marek Skalicky <> - 0-4.585svn - Added scl_runtime requires * Sun Jan 18 2015 Honza Horak <> - 0-3.585svn - Convert to scl package * Tue Jan 06 2015 Marek Skalicky <> - 0-2.585svn - Removed undefined-non-weak-symbol warnings * Tue Dec 02 2014 Marek Skalicky <> - 0-1.585svn - Initial packaging