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Package Namepython-networking-sfc
SummaryAPI and implementations to support Service Function Chaining in Neutron
Description This project provides APIs and implementations to support Service Function Chaining in Neutron. Service Function Chaining is a mechanism for overriding the basic destination based forwarding that is typical of IP networks. It is conceptually related to Policy Based Routing in physical networks but it is typically thought of as a Software Defined Networking technology. It is often used in conjunction with security functions although it may be used for a broader range of features. Fundamentally SFC is the ability to cause network packet flows to route through a network via a path other than the one that would be chosen by routing table lookup on the packet's destination IP address. It is most commonly used in conjunction with Network Function Virtualization when recreating in a virtual environment a series of network functions that would have traditionally been implemented as a collection of physical network devices connected in series by cables.
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StartedTue, 26 Mar 2019 04:43:14 UTC
CompletedTue, 26 Mar 2019 04:56:39 UTC
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