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Information for build ovmf-20150414-2.gitc9e5618.el7

Package Nameovmf
SummaryUEFI firmware for 64-bit virtual machines
DescriptionEDK II is a modern, feature-rich, cross-platform firmware development environment for the UEFI and PI specifications. This package contains sample 64-bit UEFI firmware builds for QEMU and KVM.
Built bysbonazzo
State complete
StartedThu, 08 Oct 2015 12:23:49 UTC
CompletedThu, 08 Oct 2015 12:28:31 UTC
Taskbuild (virt7-kvm-common-el7, ovmf-20150414-2.gitc9e5618.el7.src.rpm)
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ovmf-20150414-2.gitc9e5618.el7.src.rpm (info) (download)
OVMF-20150414-2.gitc9e5618.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Thu Jun 25 2015 Miroslav Rezanina <> - OVMF-20150414-2.gitc9e5618.el7 - ovmf-OvmfPkg-PlatformPei-set-SMBIOS-entry-point-version-d.patch [bz#1232876] - Resolves: bz#1232876 (OVMF should install a version 2.8 SMBIOS entry point) * Sat Apr 18 2015 Laszlo Ersek <> - 20150414-1.gitc9e5618.el7 - rebase from upstream 9ece15a to c9e5618 - adapt .gitignore files - update to openssl-0.9.8zf - create Logo-OpenSSL.bmp rather than modifying Logo.bmp in-place - update to FatPkg SVN r93 (git 8ff136aa) - drop the following downstream-only patches (obviated by upstream counterparts): "tools_def.template: use forward slash with --add-gnu-debuglink (RHEL only)" "tools_def.template: take GCC48 prefixes from environment (RHEL only)" "OvmfPkg: set video resolution of text setup to 640x480 (RHEL only)" "OvmfPkg: resolve OrderedCollectionLib with base red-black tree instance" "OvmfPkg: AcpiPlatformDxe: actualize QemuLoader.h comments" "OvmfPkg: AcpiPlatformDxe: remove current ACPI table loader" "OvmfPkg: AcpiPlatformDxe: implement QEMU's full ACPI table loader interface" "OvmfPkg: QemuVideoDxe: fix querying of QXL's drawable buffer size" "OvmfPkg: disable stale fork of SecureBootConfigDxe" "OvmfPkg: SecureBootConfigDxe: remove stale fork" "Try to read key strike even when ..." "OvmfPkg: BDS: remove dead call to PlatformBdsEnterFrontPage()" "OvmfPkg: BDS: drop useless return statement" "OvmfPkg: BDS: don't overwrite the BDS Front Page timeout" "OvmfPkg: BDS: optimize second argument in PlatformBdsEnterFrontPage() call" 'OvmfPkg: BDS: drop superfluous "connect first boot option" logic' "OvmfPkg: BDS: drop custom boot timeout, revert to IntelFrameworkModulePkg's" "Add comments to clarify mPubKeyStore buffer MemCopy. ..." "MdeModulePkg/SecurityPkg Variable: Add boundary check..." "OvmfPkg: AcpiPlatformDxe: make dependency on PCI enumeration explicit" "MdePkg: UefiScsiLib: do not encode LUN in CDB for READ and WRITE" "MdePkg: UefiScsiLib: do not encode LUN in CDB for other SCSI commands" - merge downstream AAVMF patch "adapt packaging to Arm64", which forces us to rename the main package from "OVMF" to "ovmf" - drop the following ARM BDS specific tweaks (we'll only build the Intel BDS): "ArmPlatformPkg/Bds: generate ESP Image boot option if user pref is unset (Acadia)" "ArmPlatformPkg/Bds: check for other defaults too if user pref is unset (Acadia)" "ArmPlatformPkg/ArmVirtualizationPkg: auto-detect boot path (Acadia)" "ArmPlatformPkg/Bds: initialize ConIn/ConOut/ErrOut before connecting terminals" "ArmPlatformPkg/Bds: let FindCandidate() search all filesystems" "ArmPlatformPkg/Bds: FindCandidateOnHandle(): log full device path" "ArmPlatformPkg/Bds: fall back to Boot Menu when no default option was found" "ArmPlatformPkg/Bds: always connect drivers before looking at boot options" - drop patch "ArmPlatformPkg/ArmVirtualizationPkg: enable DEBUG_VERBOSE (Acadia only)", obsoleted by fixed bug 1197141 - tweak patch "write up build instructions (for interactive, local development) (RHELSA)". The defaults in "BaseTools/Conf/target.template", ie. ACTIVE_PLATFORM and TARGET_ARCH, are set for OVMF / X64. The AAVMF build instructions now spell out the necessary override options (-p and -a, respectively). - extend patch "build FAT driver from source (RHELSA)" to the Xen build as well (only for consistency; we don't build for Xen). - drop the following downstream-only AAVMF patches, due to the 77d5dac -> c9e5618 AAVMF rebase & join: "redhat/ fix check for hunk-less filtered patches" "redhat/ suppress missing files in final 'rm'" "ArmVirtualizationQemu: build UEFI shell from source (Acadia only)" "MdePkg: UefiScsiLib: do not encode LUN in CDB for READ and WRITE" "MdePkg: UefiScsiLib: do not encode LUN in CDB for other SCSI commands" "ArmVirtualizationPkg: work around cache incoherence on KVM affecting DTB" "Changed build target to supp-rhel-7.1-candidate" "ArmVirtualizationPkg: VirtFdtDxe: forward FwCfg addresses from DTB to PCDs" "ArmVirtualizationPkg: introduce QemuFwCfgLib instance for DXE drivers" "ArmVirtualizationPkg: clone PlatformIntelBdsLib from ArmPlatformPkg" "ArmVirtualizationPkg: PlatformIntelBdsLib: add basic policy" "OvmfPkg: extract QemuBootOrderLib" "OvmfPkg: QemuBootOrderLib: featurize PCI-like device path translation" "OvmfPkg: introduce VIRTIO_MMIO_TRANSPORT_GUID" "ArmVirtualizationPkg: VirtFdtDxe: use dedicated VIRTIO_MMIO_TRANSPORT_GUID" "OvmfPkg: QemuBootOrderLib: widen ParseUnitAddressHexList() to UINT64" "OvmfPkg: QemuBootOrderLib: OFW-to-UEFI translation for virtio-mmio" "ArmVirtualizationPkg: PlatformIntelBdsLib: adhere to QEMU's boot order" "ArmVirtualizationPkg: identify "new shell" as builtin shell for Intel BDS" "ArmVirtualizationPkg: Intel BDS: load EFI-stubbed Linux kernel from fw_cfg" 'Revert "ArmVirtualizationPkg: work around cache incoherence on KVM affecting DTB"' "OvmfPkg: QemuBootOrderLib: expose QEMU's "-boot menu=on[, splash-time=N]"" "OvmfPkg: PlatformBdsLib: get front page timeout from QEMU" "ArmVirtualizationPkg: PlatformIntelBdsLib: get front page timeout from QEMU" "ArmPkg: ArmArchTimerLib: clean up comments" "ArmPkg: ArmArchTimerLib: use edk2-conformant (UINT64 * UINT32) / UINT32" "ArmPkg: ArmArchTimerLib: conditionally rebase to actual timer frequency" "ArmVirtualizationQemu: ask the hardware for the timer frequency" "ArmPkg: DebugPeCoffExtraActionLib: debugger commands are not errors" "ArmPlatformPkg: PEIM startup is not an error" "ArmVirtualizationPkg: PlatformIntelBdsLib: lack of QEMU kernel is no error" "ArmVirtualizationPkg: expose debug message bitmask on build command line" - tweak patch "rebase to upstream 77d5dac (Acadia only)": update spec changelog only - tweak patch "spec: build AAVMF with the Intel BDS driver (RHELSA only)": apply "-D INTEL_BDS" to manual build instructions in redhat/README too - tweak patch "spec: build and install verbose and silent (default) AAVMF binaries": apply DEBUG_PRINT_ERROR_LEVEL setting to interactive build instructions in redhat/README too - install OVMF whitepaper as part of the OVMF build's documentation - Resolves: bz#1211337 (merge AAVMF into OVMF) - Resolves: bz#1206523 ([AAVMF] fix missing cache maintenance) * Fri Mar 06 2015 Miroslav Rezanina <> - AAVMF-20141113-5.git77d5dac.el7_1 - aavmf-ArmPkg-DebugPeCoffExtraActionLib-debugger-commands-a.patch [bz#1197141] - aavmf-ArmPlatformPkg-PEIM-startup-is-not-an-error.patch [bz#1197141] - aavmf-ArmVirtualizationPkg-PlatformIntelBdsLib-lack-of-QEM.patch [bz#1197141] - aavmf-ArmVirtualizationPkg-expose-debug-message-bitmask-on.patch [bz#1197141] - aavmf-spec-build-and-install-verbose-and-silent-default-AA.patch [bz#1197141] - Resolves: bz#1197141 (create silent & verbose builds) * Tue Feb 10 2015 Miroslav Rezanina <> - AAVMF-20141113-4.git77d5dac.el7 - aavmf-ArmPkg-ArmArchTimerLib-clean-up-comments.patch [bz#1188247] - aavmf-ArmPkg-ArmArchTimerLib-use-edk2-conformant-UINT64-UI.patch [bz#1188247] - aavmf-ArmPkg-ArmArchTimerLib-conditionally-rebase-to-actua.patch [bz#1188247] - aavmf-ArmVirtualizationQemu-ask-the-hardware-for-the-timer.patch [bz#1188247] - aavmf-ArmPkg-TimerDxe-smack-down-spurious-timer-interrupt-.patch [bz#1188054] - Resolves: bz#1188054 (guest reboot (asked from within AAVMF) regressed in 3.19.0-0.rc5.58.aa7a host kernel) - Resolves: bz#1188247 (backport "fix gBS->Stall()" series) * Mon Jan 19 2015 Miroslav Rezanina <> - AAVMF-20141113-3.git77d5dac.el7 - aavmf-OvmfPkg-QemuBootOrderLib-expose-QEMU-s-boot-menu-on-.patch [bz#1172756] - aavmf-OvmfPkg-PlatformBdsLib-get-front-page-timeout-from-Q.patch [bz#1172756] - aavmf-ArmVirtualizationPkg-PlatformIntelBdsLib-get-front-p.patch [bz#1172756] - Resolves: bz#1172756 ([RFE]Expose boot-menu shortcut to domain via AAVMF) * Wed Jan 14 2015 Miroslav Rezanina <> - AAVMF-20141113-2.git77d5dac.el7 - aavmf-ArmVirtualizationPkg-VirtFdtDxe-forward-FwCfg-addres.patch [bz#1172749] - aavmf-ArmVirtualizationPkg-introduce-QemuFwCfgLib-instance.patch [bz#1172749] - aavmf-ArmVirtualizationPkg-clone-PlatformIntelBdsLib-from-.patch [bz#1172749] - aavmf-ArmVirtualizationPkg-PlatformIntelBdsLib-add-basic-p.patch [bz#1172749] - aavmf-OvmfPkg-extract-QemuBootOrderLib.patch [bz#1172749] - aavmf-OvmfPkg-QemuBootOrderLib-featurize-PCI-like-device-p.patch [bz#1172749] - aavmf-OvmfPkg-introduce-VIRTIO_MMIO_TRANSPORT_GUID.patch [bz#1172749] - aavmf-ArmVirtualizationPkg-VirtFdtDxe-use-dedicated-VIRTIO.patch [bz#1172749] - aavmf-OvmfPkg-QemuBootOrderLib-widen-ParseUnitAddressHexLi.patch [bz#1172749] - aavmf-OvmfPkg-QemuBootOrderLib-OFW-to-UEFI-translation-for.patch [bz#1172749] - aavmf-ArmVirtualizationPkg-PlatformIntelBdsLib-adhere-to-Q.patch [bz#1172749] - aavmf-ArmVirtualizationPkg-identify-new-shell-as-builtin-s.patch [bz#1172749] - aavmf-ArmVirtualizationPkg-Intel-BDS-load-EFI-stubbed-Linu.patch [bz#1172749] - aavmf-spec-build-AAVMF-with-the-Intel-BDS-driver-RHELSA-on.patch [bz#1172749] - aavmf-Revert-ArmVirtualizationPkg-work-around-cache-incohe.patch [bz#1172910] - Resolves: bz#1172749 (implement fw_cfg, boot order handling, and -kernel booting in ArmVirtualizationQemu) - Resolves: bz#1172910 (revert Acadia-only workaround (commit df7bca4e) once Acadia host kernel (KVM) is fixed) * Fri Dec 05 2014 Miroslav Rezanina <> - OVMF-20140822-7.git9ece15a.el7 - ovmf-MdePkg-UefiScsiLib-do-not-encode-LUN-in-CDB-for-READ.patch [bz#1166971] - ovmf-MdePkg-UefiScsiLib-do-not-encode-LUN-in-CDB-for-othe.patch [bz#1166971] - Resolves: bz#1166971 (virtio-scsi disks and cd-roms with nonzero LUN are rejected with errors) * Tue Nov 25 2014 Miroslav Rezanina <> - OVMF-20140822-6.git9ece15a.el7 - ovmf-OvmfPkg-AcpiPlatformDxe-make-dependency-on-PCI-enume.patch [bz#1166027] - Resolves: bz#1166027 (backport "OvmfPkg: AcpiPlatformDxe: make dependency on PCI enumeration explicit") * Tue Nov 18 2014 Miroslav Rezanina <> - OVMF-20140822-4.git9ece15a.el7 - ovmf-Add-comments-to-clarify-mPubKeyStore-buffer-MemCopy.patch [bz#1162314] - ovmf-MdeModulePkg-SecurityPkg-Variable-Add-boundary-check.patch [bz#1162314] - Resolves: bz#1162314 (EMBARGOED OVMF: uefi: INTEL-TA-201410-001 && INTEL-TA-201410-002 [rhel-7.1]) * Thu Nov 13 2014 Laszlo Ersek <> - AAVMF-20141113-1.git77d5dac - rebased to upstream 77d5dac <> - patch "ArmVirtualizationPkg: FdtPL011SerialPortLib: support UEFI_APPLICATION" is now upstream (SVN r16219, git edb5073) * Thu Nov 13 2014 Miroslav Rezanina <> - OVMF-20140822-3.git9ece15a.el7 - ovmf-Revert-OvmfPkg-set-video-resolution-of-text-setup-to.patch [bz#1153927] - ovmf-Try-to-read-key-strike-even-when-the-TimeOuts-value-.patch [bz#1153927] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-BDS-remove-dead-call-to-PlatformBdsEnterFron.patch [bz#1153927] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-BDS-drop-useless-return-statement.patch [bz#1153927] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-BDS-don-t-overwrite-the-BDS-Front-Page-timeo.patch [bz#1153927] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-BDS-optimize-second-argument-in-PlatformBdsE.patch [bz#1153927] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-BDS-drop-superfluous-connect-first-boot-opti.patch [bz#1153927] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-BDS-drop-custom-boot-timeout-revert-to-Intel.patch [bz#1153927] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-set-video-resolution-of-text-setup-to-640x48.patch [bz#1153927] - Resolves: bz#1153927 (set NEXTBOOT to uefi setting failed from Windows Recovery console) * Tue Nov 11 2014 Miroslav Rezanina <> - OVMF-20140822-2.git9ece15a - [bz#1145784] - ovmf-Revert-RH-only-OvmfPkg-QemuVideoDxe-fix-querying-of-.patch [bz#1145784] - ovmf-Revert-RH-only-OvmfPkg-AcpiPlatformDxe-implement-QEM.patch [bz#1145784] - ovmf-Revert-RH-only-OvmfPkg-AcpiPlatformDxe-remove-curren.patch [bz#1145784] - ovmf-Revert-RH-only-OvmfPkg-AcpiPlatformDxe-actualize-Qem.patch [bz#1145784] - ovmf-Revert-RH-only-OvmfPkg-resolve-OrderedCollectionLib-.patch [bz#1145784] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-QemuVideoDxe-work-around-misreported-QXL-fra.patch [bz#1145784] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-resolve-OrderedCollectionLib-with-base-red-b.patch [bz#1145784] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-AcpiPlatformDxe-actualize-QemuLoader.h-comme.patch [bz#1145784] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-AcpiPlatformDxe-remove-current-ACPI-table-lo.patch [bz#1145784] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-AcpiPlatformDxe-implement-QEMU-s-full-ACPI-t.patch [bz#1145784] - ovmf-spec-build-small-bootable-ISO-with-standalone-UEFI-s.patch [bz#1147592] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-allow-exclusion-of-the-shell-from-the-firmwa.patch [bz#1147592] - ovmf-spec-exclude-the-UEFI-shell-from-the-SecureBoot-enab.patch [bz#1147592] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-EnrollDefaultKeys-application-for-enrolling-.patch [bz#1148296] - ovmf-spec-package-EnrollDefaultKeys.efi-on-UefiShell.iso-.patch [bz#1148296] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-disable-stale-fork-of-SecureBootConfigDxe.patch [bz#1148294] - ovmf-OvmfPkg-SecureBootConfigDxe-remove-stale-fork.patch [bz#1148294] - Resolves: bz#1145784 (OVMF sync with QXL and ACPI patches up to edk2 7a9612ce) - Resolves: bz#1147592 (the binary RPM should include a small ISO file with a directly bootable UEFI shell binary) - Resolves: bz#1148294 (drop OvmfPkg's stale fork of SecureBootConfigDxe) - Resolves: bz#1148296 (provide a non-interactive way to auto-enroll important SecureBoot certificates) * Wed Oct 15 2014 Laszlo Ersek <> - AAVMF-20141015-1.gitc373687 - ported packaging to aarch64 / AAVMF * Fri Aug 22 2014 Laszlo Ersek <> - 20140822-1.git9ece15a.el7 - rebase from upstream 3facc08 to 9ece15a - update to openssl-0.9.8zb - update to FatPkg SVN r86 (git 2355ea2c) - the following patches of Paolo Bonzini have been merged in upstream; drop the downstream-only copies: 7bc1421 Look for BuildEnv under EDK_TOOLS_PATH d549344 Ensure that WORKSPACE points to the top of an edk2 checkout 1c023eb BuildEnv: remove useless check before setting $WORKSPACE - include the following patches that have been pending review on the upstream list for a long time: [PATCH 0/4] OvmfPkg: complete client for QEMU's ACPI loader interface [PATCH] OvmfPkg: QemuVideoDxe: fix querying of QXL's drawable buffer size - nasm is a build-time dependency now because upstream BuildTools has started to call it directly * Wed Jul 23 2014 Laszlo Ersek <> - 20140723-1.git3facc08.el7 - rebase from upstream a618eaa to 3facc08 - update to openssl-0.9.8za - drop downstream-only split varstore patch, rely on upstream's * Tue Jun 24 2014 Miroslav Rezanina <> - 20140619-1.gita618eaa.el7 - Initial version