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Package Nameovirt-engine-sdk-java
SummaryoVirt Engine Software Development Kit (Java)
DescriptionThis package contains The oVirt-Engine Java Software Development Kit. With this package, custom java software can be built for oVirt-Engine.
Built bysbonazzo
State complete
StartedThu, 19 Feb 2015 15:11:28 UTC
CompletedThu, 19 Feb 2015 15:16:37 UTC
Taskbuild (virt7-el7, ovirt-engine-sdk-java-
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ovirt-engine-sdk-java- (info) (download)
ovirt-engine-sdk-java- (info) (download)
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Changelog * Fri Jan 16 2015 Juan Hernandez <> - - Update to upstream - Added support for the operations to move, copy and export disks using the top level disks collection #1169376. - Replaced storage_manager with spm #1146457. - Added support for reconfigure firewall (override_iptables) to the host installation action #1179613. - Added support for importing block storage domains #1181681. - Fixed support for listing unregistered VMs #1148715. - Added support for setting memory ballooning #1149188. - Added support for specifying cluster during migration #1150191. - Added snapshot id to documentation of preview action #1150071. - Added custom_properties to templates #1166632. - Added logical_name to disks #1063597. - Added support for watchdog action and model #1129840. - Added support for network QoS. - Added support to enable/disable sound card to VM, pool and template. - Added support for QoS, including CPU and disk profiles. - Added support for iSCSI bonds. - Avoid NPE when receiving null lists #1119812. - Fix optional parameters of add template #1109548. - Fix parameters of add DataCenter #1104085. - Fix update VM optional parameters #1082594. - Added NUMA support. - Added actions to copy and move disks #1097681. - Added file_transfer_enabled and copy_paste_enabled elements to Display. - Added protocol element to Host. - Added support for Gluster volume profiling. - Added support for instance types. - Added support for parameter for disks. - Added support for random number generator device. - Added support for scheduling policies. - Added support storage domains disks sub-collection. - Added support to register VMs and templates. - Support X-Ovirt-Expect header #1093784. - Added action to undelete events. - Added base_interface to host_nic. - Added boot_menu to VM and template. - Added custom properties to host_nic. - Added disksnapshots sub-collection to storagedomains. - Added domain_entry_id to users and groups. - Added sessions sub-collection to vms. - Added support for Gluster volume statistics. - Added support for VM and template custom serial numbers. - Added support for bookmarks. - Added support for deleting VM disk snapshots. - Added support for reporting VM SELinux configuration. - Added support for reporting VM kdump configuration. - Added support for reporting architecture capabilities. - Added tags sub-collection to templates. * Fri Jul 18 2014 Juan Hernandez <> - - Update to upstream version - Add expect and correlationId parameters to network labels related methods #1101531. - Add method to get entity by string id #1099818. - Added maintenance operation to VM. - Added hosted_engine element to Host. - Added labels to Network. - Added labels to HostNIC. - Added actions to preview, commit and undo snapshots. - Added support for affinity groups. - Added support to import a VM as template. - Removed external_id from users and groups. - Renamed cloud_init.hostname to * Thu Mar 27 2014 Juan Hernandez <> - - Update to upstream in order to suport version 3.4 of the oVirt project. * Wed Oct 09 2013 Juan Hernandez <> - - Initial packaging