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Information for build openshift-ansible-3.2.24-1.git.0.337259b.el7

Package Nameopenshift-ansible
SummaryOpenshift and Atomic Enterprise Ansible
DescriptionOpenshift and Atomic Enterprise Ansible This repo contains Ansible code and playbooks for Openshift and Atomic Enterprise.
Built bytdawson
State complete
StartedWed, 17 Aug 2016 15:23:29 UTC
CompletedWed, 17 Aug 2016 15:26:03 UTC
Taskbuild (paas7-openshift-common-el7, openshift-ansible-3.2.24-1.git.0.337259b.el7.src.rpm)
openshift-ansible-3.2.24-1.git.0.337259b.el7.src.rpm (info) (download)
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openshift-ansible-3.2.24-1.git.0.337259b.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openshift-ansible-docs-3.2.24-1.git.0.337259b.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openshift-ansible-filter-plugins-3.2.24-1.git.0.337259b.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openshift-ansible-lookup-plugins-3.2.24-1.git.0.337259b.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openshift-ansible-playbooks-3.2.24-1.git.0.337259b.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
openshift-ansible-roles-3.2.24-1.git.0.337259b.el7.noarch.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Tue Aug 16 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.2.24-1 - Sync remaining content (sdodson@redhat.com) - XPaas 1.3.3 (sdodson@redhat.com) * Mon Aug 15 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.2.23-1 - a-o-i: Fix broken tests from installed hosts check (smunilla@redhat.com) - Update 3.2 upgrade mappings, remove 3.0 -> 3.1 mappings (sdodson@redhat.com) - a-o-i: fix bz#1329455 (ghuang@redhat.com) - Add nfs group to OSEv3:vars (sdodson@redhat.com) - Ensure etcd user exists in etcd_server_certificates by installing etcd. (abutcher@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Fix broken upgrades (smunilla@redhat.com) * Thu Aug 11 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.2.22-1 - Reference tmpdir from first master hostvars when evacuating nodes. (abutcher@redhat.com) * Thu Aug 11 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.2.21-1 - Support for redeploying certificates. (abutcher@redhat.com) - qps typo (deads@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Automatically Label Nodes as Infra (smunilla@redhat.com) - Improvements for Docker 1.10+ upgrade image nuking. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Restrict installed host check (smunilla@redhat.com) - Automatic commit of package [openshift-ansible] release [3.3.9-1]. (tdawson@redhat.com) - Shutdown Docker before upgrading the rpm. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Restrict the middleware stanza contains 'registry' and 'storage' at least on 3.3 (ghuang@redhat.com) - docker-registry's middleware stanza should contain 'registry' and 'storage' by default (ghuang@redhat.com) * Tue Aug 09 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.2.20-1 - Enable 'NoVolumeZoneConflict' policy for scheduler (abutcher@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Update nosetests for ansible_ssh_user (smunilla@redhat.com) - move ansible_ssh_user to deployment, remove ansible_config and ansible_log_path (ghuang@redhat.com) - Labeling nodes only (ghuang@redhat.com) - Move storage includes up to main. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Support gathering ansible 2.1/2.2 system facts (abutcher@redhat.com) - Try/except urlparse calls. (abutcher@redhat.com) - with_fileglob no longer supports wildcard prefixes. (abutcher@redhat.com) - make the improved log formatter work with ansible 2.1 (rmeggins@redhat.com) * Mon Aug 08 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.2.19-1 - Set become=no for etcd server certificates temporary directory. (abutcher@redhat.com) - BUILD.md lies (jmainguy@redhat.com) - Migrate ca.crt to ca-bundle.crt (sdodson@redhat.com) - Upgrade configs for protobuf support. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fixed a bug in modify_yaml module. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Convert ansible facts callback to v2. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Automatic commit of package [openshift-ansible] release [3.3.8-1]. (tdawson@redhat.com) - Fix little mistake in openshift_master_htpasswd_users value . (jmferrer@paradigmatecnologico.com) - Automatic commit of package [openshift-ansible] release [3.3.7-1]. (tdawson@redhat.com) - Call relocated openshift-loadbalancer playbook in master scaleup. (abutcher@redhat.com) - [openshift_ca] correct check for missing CA. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Upgrade configs for protobuf support. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fixed a bug in modify_yaml module. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add 3.3 protobuf config stanzas for master/node config. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Introduce 1.3/3.3 upgrade path. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) * Thu Aug 04 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.2.18-1 - a-o-i: Rename OSE in Install Menu (smunilla@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Allow Arbitrary Deployment Variables (smunilla@redhat.com) - Add knobs for disabling router/registry management. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Restore missing etcd_image fact. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Rename router and registry node list variables. (abutcher@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Fix broken uninstall (smunilla@redhat.com) - Refactor etcd certificates roles. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add options for specifying named ca certificates to be added to the openshift ca bundle. (abutcher@redhat.com) - oo_collect can be ran against dicts where key isn't present. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Update for issue#2244 (kunallimaye@gmail.com) - Update for issue-2244 (kunallimaye@gmail.com) - a-o-i: Remove AEP, OSE 3.0, and OSE 3.2 choices (smunilla@redhat.com) - Move role dependencies to playbooks. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix xpaas_templates_base (sdodson@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Better inventory group handling (smunilla@redhat.com) - Add dotnet image stream to enterprise installs (sdodson@redhat.com) - Don't set a networkPluginName in 3.3 installs (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix haproxy logs (sdodson@redhat.com) - update bootstrap-fedora playbook with new python crypto deps (maxamillion@fedoraproject.org) - a-o-i: Set roles on standalone storage (smunilla@redhat.com) - Disable too many branches pylint (sdodson@redhat.com) - a-o-i: write missing openshift_node_labels (dkorn@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Support for arbitrary host-level variables (smunilla@redhat.com) - Beautiful -v output from ansible (jamespic@gmail.com) - a-o-i: Move inventory vars to the correct location (smunilla@redhat.com) - Automatic commit of package [openshift-ansible] release [3.3.3-1]. (tdawson@redhat.com) - Fix registry/router being created despite no infra nodes. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Document openshift_portal_net (sdodson@redhat.com) - Remove old sso70-basic templates (sdodson@redhat.com) - xPaaS v1.3.2 release (sdodson@redhat.com) - Template named certificates with_items. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Replace master_cert_config_dir with common config_base fact. (abutcher@redhat.com) - remove outdated openshift_cluster_metrics role (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix "deloyment" typo in deployment types doc (lxia@redhat.com) - Stagger the start of master services. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add missing nuke_images.sh symlink. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Persist Roles Variables (smunilla@redhat.com) - Default nodes matching selectors when not collected. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Copy openshift binaries instead of using wrapper script. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Correct relative include for ansible version check. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix libvirt provider for Ansible (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Re-arrange master and node role dependencies. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Refactor openshift certificates roles. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Check ansible version prior to evaluating cluster hosts and groups. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Stop reporting changes when docker pull is already up to date. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Write Role variable groups (smunilla@redhat.com) - Slight modification to error when using mismatched openshift_release. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - fix "databcase" typo in example roles (lxia@redhat.com) - Secure router only when openshift.hosted.router.certificate.contents exists. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add jenkinstemplate (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix bugs with origin 1.2 rpm based upgrades. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Sync latest image streams and templates (sdodson@redhat.com) - Ensure 'oo_nfs_to_config' in groups prior to checking group length when nfs host unset. (abutcher@redhat.com) - We have proper ansible support and requirements in place now, de-revert this commit (tbielawa@redhat.com) - Skip docker upgrades on Atomic. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Resolve some deprecation warnings. (abutcher@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Looser facts requirements for unattended (smunilla@redhat.com) - make rpm-q module pylint warning-free (tob@butter.sh) - add rpm_q module to query rpm database (tob@butter.sh) - Require ansible-2.1 (abutcher@redhat.com) * Thu Aug 04 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.2.17-1 - a-o-i: Better inventory group handling (smunilla@redhat.com) - Add knobs for disabling router/registry management. (abutcher@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Allow Arbitrary Deployment Variables (smunilla@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Fix broken uninstall (smunilla@redhat.com) * Fri Jul 29 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.2.16-1 - a-o-i: Set roles on standalone storage (smunilla@redhat.com) - Fix xpaas_templates_base (sdodson@redhat.com) - Add dotnet image stream to enterprise installs (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix haproxy logs (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix registry/router being created despite no infra nodes. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - xPaaS v1.3.2 release (sdodson@redhat.com) - Remove old sso70-basic templates (sdodson@redhat.com) * Wed Jul 27 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.2.15-1 - Disable too many branches pylint (sdodson@redhat.com) - a-o-i: write missing openshift_node_labels (dkorn@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Support for arbitrary host-level variables (smunilla@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Move inventory vars to the correct location (smunilla@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Persist Roles Variables (smunilla@redhat.com) * Wed Jul 20 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.2.14-1 - a-o-i: Write Role variable groups (smunilla@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Looser facts requirements for unattended (smunilla@redhat.com) * Mon Jul 18 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.2.13-1 - Temporarily link registry config templates for ansible 1.9.x support. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Remove relative lookup for registry config and check for skipped update in registry redeploy conditional. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Arbitrary Installer yaml (smunilla@redhat.com) - Check for existence of sebooleans prior to setting. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Require ansible-2.1 (abutcher@redhat.com) * Sun Jul 17 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.2.12-1 - Convert openshift_release and openshift_version to strings for startswith (sdodson@redhat.com) - Symlink ansible 2.x locations to ansible 1.9 locations (sdodson@redhat.com) - Clarify message when old docker pre-installed but 1.10+ requested. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix quick install 3.2 upgrade path. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix upgrade with docker_version set. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Move the bash completion into the cli role. Only add when not containerized (tbielawa@redhat.com) - [master] add support for setting auditConfig (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Remove too recent pylint option keys. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - pylint fixes (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Install bash-completion package for the oc/oadm tools (tbielawa@redhat.com) - Fix more docker role logic. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add checks to docker role for 1.9.1+. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Make libvirt’s VM use virtio-scsi insteal of virtio-blk (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Fix erroneous pylint error (smunilla@redhat.com) - Remove 3.0 and 3.1 upgrade sub-dirs. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Rename upgrade to just v3_2 as it's now major and minor. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Set registry replicas = 1 when no storage specified. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Re-align the OpenStack firewall rules with the iptables rules (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Fix bin/cluster openstack related error (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Fix upgrades with an openshift_image_tag set. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - ops-docker-loopback-to-direct-lvm.yml: fix typo on the variable name "cli_name vs cli_host" (gael.lambert@redhat.com) - Remove cleanup code from 1.0 to 1.1 upgrade era (sdodson@redhat.com) - Move repoquery_cmd fact setting into a more logical place. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add dependency on docker to openshift_docker role. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Enable pullthrough by default in registry config for object storage. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix gpg key path (sdodson@redhat.com) - Use proper startswith. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Sync latest image stream content (sdodson@redhat.com) - Role dependency cleanup (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix up some broken markdown formatting (mostly tables) (tbielawa@redhat.com) - Rename things to avoid conflicts with paas sig release rpms (sdodson@redhat.com) - Remove/update TODOs. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Remove all debug used during devel of openshift_version. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Update quick upgrade to remove unsupported options. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Don't special case origin on centos (sdodson@redhat.com) - Various hosted component improvements (abutcher@redhat.com) - Move repoquery fact definition to openshift_common. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Clean up some deprecation warnings (tbielawa@redhat.com) - Add CentOS PaaS SIG repos for RHEL (sdodson@redhat.com) - Remove Origin 1.1 as an option (smunilla@redhat.com) - Make /var/lib/origin mounted rslave (sdodson@redhat.com) - fix "hapoxy" typo in loadbalancer playbook (Mathias.Merscher@dg-i.net) - Fix dnf variant of rpm_versions.sh (sdodson@redhat.com) - Make image stream munging optional (sdodson@redhat.com) - Add aos-3.3 to tito releasers.conf (sdodson@redhat.com) - Add symlinks for node templates. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fixes for Ansible 2.1. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Update repoquery_cmd definitions to match latest in master. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix unsafe bool usage. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix typo in example inventories. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fixes for non-containerized separate etcd hosts. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - More docker upgrade fixes. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Only nuke images when crossing the Docker 1.10 boundary in upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix node/openvswitch containers not restarting after upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Allow skipping Docker upgrade during OpenShift upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Add Origin 1.2 Installs (smunilla@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Add support for installing OpenShift Origin (smunilla@redhat.com) - Refactor 3.2 upgrade to avoid killing nodes without evac. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Update docker upgrade playbook to be more flexible. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add missing defaults file. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Use common fact initialization include in upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix use of v3.2 format for openshift_release in upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Remove more legacy upgrade playbooks. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix docker restarts during openshift_version role. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Support setting a docker version in inventory. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix version facts with trailing newline. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Document the new and old version variables. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Normalize some of the version inventory vars which users might mistakenly enter wrong. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Check that detected version matches openshift_release in rpm installations. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Block attempts to install origin without specifying any release info. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - More stable lookup of running openshift version. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Upgrade fixes. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix typo in facts. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Cleanup, fix 3.1 version bug in facts. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - More version fixes. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Support origin alpha tags. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - More stable containerized version lookup. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Remove old upgrade playbooks. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix performance hit in openshift_facts. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Always populate openshift_image_tag and openshift_pkg_version. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Remove the use of the upgrading variable. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Don't be specific about rpm version to upgrade to for now. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Restore 3.2 RPM version check before upgrading. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Make openshift_version role docker dep conditional. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix rpm installs. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Temporary fix for upgrading issue. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Remove unused docker facts tasks. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix version unset bug, and set common ver fact on containerized nodes. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix missing openshift.common.version fact on containerized nodes. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Begin major simplification of 3.2 upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Respect image tag/pkg version during upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Force version to latest 3.2 during upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Verify openshift_release is correct or absent in inventory before upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Drop unused and broken "when" in vars section. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Do not install rpm for version in openshift_version role. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix bin/cluster libvirt related error (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Update openshift_version author info. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix installing release 3.1 not converting to precise version. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Stop requiring/using first master version fact and use openshift_version var instead. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Break version calc out into a role, separate yaml for containerized/rpm. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Drop unnecessary node playbook version calculation. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add leading v for remaining IMAGE_VERSION templates. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix error restarting master service that may not be there. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix use of openshift_version in ca role. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix image tag to rpm version filter. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix error with containerized etcd install. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Refactor openshift_version behavior. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Protect installed version on subsequent masters. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Get rpm installations functional again. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Convert generic openshift_version=3.2 to specific early in install. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Preserve node versions on re-run. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix version compare with using just 3.2 or 1.2. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Hookup node configuration. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Complete installation of first master containerized. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Stop downgrading Docker because we don't know what version to install yet. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Work towards determining openshift_version when unspecified. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Remove now unnecessary pull and ver check in openshift_docker role. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Set openshift_version in config playbooks for first master. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Debug output. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - cleanup broken symlinks - lookup_plugins filter_plugins (tdawson@redhat.com) - Add libselinux-python as a dependency for the installation process (frederic.boulet@gmail.com) * Tue Jul 05 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.3.1-1 - Add v1.3 examples (sdodson@redhat.com) - Change the examples content sync directory (sdodson@redhat.com) - Add gte_3_3 (sdodson@redhat.com) - Adds quotes to gpgkey element in byo/config.yml (smerrill@covermymeds.com) - Restart dnsmasq encase it was already running (sdodson@redhat.com) - Add support for supplying a dnsmasq.conf file (sdodson@redhat.com) - Update image streams with SCL 2.2 components (sdodson@redhat.com) - Bump rhel subscribe default version. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Revert "Speed up copying OpenShift examples" (abutcher@afrolegs.com) - Switch to repoquery, enable plugins for satellite support (sdodson@redhat.com) - update conditional expression to save steps (lxia@redhat.com) - Enable additional 'virt_sandbox_use_nfs' seboolean as per documentation: (george.goh@redhat.com) - Set any_errors_fatal for initialize facts play. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Set any_errors_fatal for etcd facts play. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Speed up copying OpenShift examples (tbielawa@redhat.com) - Check if last rule is DROP when inserting iptables rules. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Don't upgrade docker on non-containerized etcd. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Access embedded_etcd variable from oo_first_master hostvars. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add missing quote in metrics deployer template. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Allow flag to uninstall playbook to preserve images. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add MODE to metrics deployer (sdodson@redhat.com) - NetworkManager service never changes (tbielawa@redhat.com) - Update the rest of the templates (sdodson@redhat.com) - Update logging and metrics templates (sdodson@redhat.com) - Block Docker 1.10 upgrade playbook when run against an Atomic OS. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - If registry_url != registry.access.redhat.com then modify image streams (sdodson@redhat.com) - Add 30 second pause before retrying to start the node (sdodson@redhat.com) - Stop dumping debug output, re-try startng the node once (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix uninstall.yml indentation for deamon-reload (florian.lambert@enovance.com) - Fix no proxy hostnames during upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Attempt to fix containerized node start failure with Docker 1.10. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - also volume-mount /etc/sysconfig/docker (tob@butter.sh) - Separate uninstall plays by group. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add per-service environment variables. (abutcher@redhat.com) - - Prevent the script to override n number of the time the same nameserver - Prevent the script to echo blank values from IP4_NAMESERVERS variable (william17.burton@gmail.com) - Make a note about Requires: docker (sdodson@redhat.com) - Remove Docker 1.10 requirement temporarily. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix docker 1.10 upgrade on embedded etcd masters. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add lower case proxy variables (pascal.bach@siemens.com) - default unit in openshift_facts (you@example.com) - add unit in seconds for metrics resolution (you@example.com) * Thu Jun 09 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.3.0-1 - Restore mistakenly reverted code. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add openshift_loadbalancer_facts role to set lb facts prior to running dependencies. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Bug 1338726 - never abort install if the latest version of docker is already installed (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Preserve proxy config if it's undefined (sdodson@redhat.com) - At least backup things (sdodson@redhat.com) - Use unique play names to make things easier to debug (sdodson@redhat.com) - Ansible 2.1 support. (abutcher@redhat.com) - add skydns port 8053 to openstack master sec group (jawed.khelil@amadeus.com) - fix dns openstack flavor instead of openshift flavor (jawed.khelil@amadeus.com) - Fix Docker 1.10 problems with empty tags and trailing : (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - ensure htpasswd file exists (tob@butter.sh) - Docker 1.10 Upgrade (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add flag to manage htpasswd, or not. (tob@butter.sh) * Mon Jun 06 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.0.97-1 - Only run node specific bits on nodes (sdodson@redhat.com) - Update main.yaml (detiber@gmail.com) - Hardcoded values in "launch_instances" - isue # 1970 (daniel@dumdan.com) - XPAAS v1.3.1 content for Origin 1.1 / OSE 3.1 (sdodson@redhat.com) - XPAAS v1.3.1 release for Origin 1.2 / OSE 3.2 (sdodson@redhat.com) - Configure default docker logging options. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Run rhel_subscribe on l_oo_all_hosts rather than all (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix error with stopping services that may not exist. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add haproxy_frontend_port to vars for openshift-loadbalancer. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Move os_firewall_allow from defaults to role dependencies. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Ensure registry url evaluated when creating router. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Document protocol in readme aws. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Revert openshift-certificates changes. (abutcher@redhat.com) - wait metrics-deployer complete (need to configure nodes before hosted services) (you@example.com) - switch to using sig release packages (jdetiber@redhat.com) - temporarily disable gpg checking until we have a way to cleanly enable it (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Switch to using CentOS SIG repos for Origin installs (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Separate master and haproxy config playbooks. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Cleanup bin, test and roles/openshift_ansible_inventory following move to openshift-tools (abutcher@redhat.com) - Catch more uninstall targets (sdodson@redhat.com) - Adding openshift_clock parameters to example inventory files (jstuever@redhat.com) - Enable openshift_clock role for openshift_master, openshift_node, and openshift_etcd (jstuever@redhat.com) - Add openshift_clock role to manage system clocks (jstuever@redhat.com) - Allow clock role in openshift_facts (jstuever@redhat.com) - Consolidate ca/master/node certificates roles into openshift_certificates. (abutcher@redhat.com) - allow for overriding dns_flavor for openstack provider (jdetiber@redhat.com) - add user-data file back to openstack provisioner (jdetiber@redhat.com) - g_all_hosts with templated with_items causes errors with ansible 1.9.4 under some conditions (jdetiber@redhat.com) - openstack_fixes (jdetiber@redhat.com) - libvirt_fixes (jdetiber@redhat.com) - gce fixes (jdetiber@redhat.com) - aws provider fixes (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Call evaluate_groups from update_repos_and_packages (jdetiber@redhat.com) * Thu May 26 2016 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.0.94-1 - Use grep to decide when to add our comment (sdodson@redhat.com) * Tue May 24 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.93-1 - Fixup spec file (tdawson@redhat.com) * Tue May 24 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.92-1 - Conditionally bind mount /usr/bin/docker-current when it is present (#1941) (sdodson@redhat.com) * Tue May 24 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.91-1 - Removed the echo line and replaced it with inline comment. To keep 99-origin- dns.sh from adding a new line in /etc/resolv.conf everytime the NetworkManager dispatcher script is executed. (jnordell@redhat.com) - Extend multiple login provider check to include origin. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Allow multiple login providers post 3.2. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Make rhel_subscribe role able to subscribe for OSE 3.2 (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Ensure yum-utils installed. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Remove newline from docker_options template string. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Use systemctl restart docker instead of ansible service. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Use cluster hostname while generating certificate on the master nodes (vishal.patil@nuagenetworks.net) - Fix playbooks/openshift-master/library move to symlink (sdodson@redhat.com) - Task "Update router image to current version" failed, if router not in default namespace (jkroepke@users.noreply.github.com) - docker-current was missing from the containerized atomic-openshift- node.service file (maci.stgn@gmail.com) - fixed issue with blank spaces instead commas as variables template separators (j.david.nieto@gmail.com) - Refactor where we compute no_proxy hostnames (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix for ansible v2 (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix rhel_subscribe (sdodson@redhat.com) - remove interpolated g_all_hosts with_items arg from upgrade playbooks (cboggs@rallydev.com) - Set openshift.common.hostname early in playbook execution. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix 'recursive loop detected in template string' for upgrading variable. (abutcher@redhat.com) - a-o-i: No proxy questions for 3.0/3.1 (smunilla@redhat.com) - Fix minor upgrades in 3.1 (sdodson@redhat.com) - Don't pull cli image when we're not containerized (sdodson@redhat.com) - Check consumed pools prior to attaching. (abutcher@redhat.com) * Mon May 16 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.90-1 - Fixes for openshift_docker_hosted_registry_insecure var. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Move latest to v1.2 (sdodson@redhat.com) - Sync latest content (sdodson@redhat.com) - Update default max-pods parameter (mwysocki@redhat.com) - Allow overriding servingInfo.maxRequestsInFlight via openshift_master_max_requests_inflight. (abutcher@redhat.com) - update logging and metrics deployer templates (lmeyer@redhat.com) - Update default max-pods parameter (maci.stgn@gmail.com) - Block upgrading w/ ansible v2. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fixed openvswitch not upgrading. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Do not upgrade containers to latest avail during a normal config run. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Update StringIO import for py2/3 compat. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix mistaken quotes on proxy sysconfig variables. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Sync comments with origin pr (sdodson@redhat.com) - Use IP4_NAMESERVERS rather than DHCP4_DOMAIN_NAME_SERVERS (sdodson@redhat.com) - Remove vars_files on play includes for upgrade playbooks. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Document oauth token config inventory vars. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Why is the node failing to start (sdodson@redhat.com) - Move os_firewall out of openshift_common (sdodson@redhat.com) - Remove old unused firewall rules (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix firewall rules (sdodson@redhat.com) - Remove double evaluate_groups include. (abutcher@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Write proxy variables (smunilla@redhat.com) - Add support for Openstack based persistent volumes (sbaubeau@redhat.com) - Fixes for flannel configuration. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Initialize facts for all hosts. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix version (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix cli_docker_additional_registries being erased during upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Unmask atomic-openshift-master on uninstall (sdodson@redhat.com) - Add *.retry to gitignore. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Move modify_yaml up into top level library directory (sdodson@redhat.com) - Enable dnsmasq on all hosts (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fixed the credentials (vishal.patil@nuagenetworks.net) - Remove vars_files on play includes for byo, scaleup and restart playbooks. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Ensure ansible version greater than 1.9.4 (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add oo_merge_hostvars filter for merging host & play variables. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Replace hostvars with vars for openshift env facts when ansible >= v2. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add system:image-auditor role to ManageIQ SA (mtayer@redhat.com) - Added extra install dependency on OSX (leenders.gert@gmail.com) - Check and unmask iptables/firewalld. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Default os_firewall_use_firewalld to false in os_firewall and remove overrides. (abutcher@redhat.com) - listen on all interfaces (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix configuration of dns_ip (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix markdown in roles/openshift_metrics/README.md (cben@redhat.com) - use stat module instead of shell module and ls to check for rpm-ostree (jdetiber@redhat.com) - fix openstack template (sjenning@redhat.com) - Remove duplicate oauth_template fact. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Cleanup various deprecation warnings. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Make NetworkManager failure friendlier (sdodson@redhat.com) - README Updates (detiber@gmail.com) - Remove deprecated online playbooks/roles (jdetiber@redhat.com) - fix up variable references remove "online" support from bin/cluster (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Remove Ops specific ansible-tower aws playbooks (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix inventory syntaxe (florian.lambert@enovance.com) - Add openshift_docker_hosted_registry_insecure option (andrew@andrewklau.com) - additional fixes (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix templating issue with logging role (jdetiber@redhat.com) - BuildDefaults are a kube admission controller not an openshift admission controller (sdodson@redhat.com) - a-o-i: More friendly proxy questions (smunilla@redhat.com) - update tenand_id typo in example file (jialiu@redhat.com) - Update hosts.ose.example (jialiu@redhat.com) - update tenand_id typo in example file (jialiu@redhat.com) - Update repos per inventory before upgrading (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix openshift_generate_no_proxy_hosts boolean (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix openshift_generate_no_proxy_hosts examples (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix inventory properties with raw booleans, again... (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Allow containerized deployment of dns role (jprovazn@redhat.com) * Mon May 09 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.89-1 - Use yum swap to downgrade docker (sdodson@redhat.com) * Fri May 06 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.88-1 - Open port 53 whenever we're unsure of version (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix unsafe boolean handling on use_dnsmasq (sdodson@redhat.com) * Wed Apr 27 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.87-1 - a-o-i-: Allow empty proxy (smunilla@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Populate groups for openshift_facts (smunilla@redhat.com) - Replace sudo with become when accessing deployment_vars. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Port lookup plugins to ansible v2. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add masterConfig.volumeConfig.dynamicProvisioningEnabled (sdodson@redhat.com) * Tue Apr 26 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.86-1 - Don't set empty HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY, NO_PROXY values (sdodson@redhat.com) - a-o-i tests: Update attended tests for proxy (smunilla@redhat.com) - Move portal_net from openshift_common to openshift_facts. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Apply openshift_common to all masters prior to creating certificates for portal_net. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Access portal_net in common facts. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add support for setting identity provider custom values (jdetiber@redhat.com) - port filter_plugins to ansible2 (tob@butter.sh) - a-o-i: Update prompt when asking for proxy (smunilla@redhat.com) - a-o-i: UI additions for proxies (smunilla@redhat.com) * Mon Apr 25 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.85-1 - Fix backward compat for osm_default_subdomain (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Replace deprecated sudo with become. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix image version handling for v1.2.0-rc1 (sdodson@redhat.com) - Pod must be recreated for the upgrade (bleanhar@redhat.com) - openshift_etcd_facts should rely on openshift_facts not openshift_common (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Sort and de-dupe no_proxy list (sdodson@redhat.com) - openshift-metrics: adding duration and resolution options (efreiber@redhat.com) - Changed service account creation to ansible (vishal.patil@nuagenetworks.net) - As per https://github.com/openshift/openshift- ansible/issues/1795#issuecomment-213873564, renamed openshift_node_dnsmasq to openshift_use_dnsmasq where applicable. Fixes 1795 (donovan@switchbit.io) - Add global proxy configuration (sdodson@redhat.com) - remove duplicate register: (tob@butter.sh) * Fri Apr 22 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.84-1 - Fix for docker not present (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Reconcile roles in additive-only mode on upgrade (jliggitt@redhat.com) - Set etcd_hostname and etcd_ip for masters w/ external etcd. (abutcher@redhat.com) * Thu Apr 21 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.83-1 - a-o-i: Correct bug with default storage host (smunilla@redhat.com) - Only add new sccs (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Fix bug after portal_net move from master to common role. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Sync latest content (sdodson@redhat.com) - Use xpaas 1.3.0-1, use enterprise content for metrics (sdodson@redhat.com) - Support configurable admin user and password for the enterprise Prefix changes for admin and password with nuage_master (abhat@nuagenetworks.net) * Wed Apr 20 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.82-1 - Use a JSON list for docker log options. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix legacy cli_docker_* vars not migrating. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix use of older image tag version during upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Remove etcd_interface variable. Remove openshift_docker dependency from the etcd role. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Use openshift_hostname/openshift_ip values for etcd configuration and certificates. (abutcher@redhat.com) - added new openshift-metrics service (j.david.nieto@gmail.com) - Translate legacy facts within the oo_openshift_env filter. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Remove empty facts from nested dictionaries. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix router selector fact migration and match multiple selectors when counting nodes. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fixing the spec for PR 1734 (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Add openshift_use_dnsmasq (sdodson@redhat.com) - Promote portal_net to openshift.common, add kube_svc_ip (sdodson@redhat.com) - Add example inventories to docs, install docs by default (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix use of JSON inventory vars with raw booleans. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - cleanup roles after roles move to openshift-tools (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Reference Setup for Origin and Ose from up-to-date docs.openshift.[com|org] instead of local README_[origin|OSE].md (jchaloup@redhat.com) * Mon Apr 18 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.81-1 - IMAGE_PREFIX=openshift3/ for enterprise logging/metrics (sdodson@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Don't assume storage on 1st master (smunilla@redhat.com) - Bug 1320829 - Handle OSE 3.0 installs (bleanhar@redhat.com) * Fri Apr 15 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.80-1 - Refactor docker failed state cleanup (sdodson@redhat.com) - Support mixed RPM/container installs (bleanhar@redhat.com) - The openshift_docker role must set the version facts for containerized installs (bleanhar@redhat.com) - start it, check for failure, reset it, start again (sdodson@redhat.com) - Enable docker before potentially resetting the failure (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix mappingMethod option in identity provider. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Support setting imagePolicyConfig JSON in inventory. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) * Tue Apr 12 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.79-1 - Bug 1324728 - Ansible should not downgrade docker when installing 3.2 containerized env (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Fixing non-HA master restart conditional (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Fetching the current version a little more carefully (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Make sure Docker is restarted after we have correctly configured the containerized systemd units (bleanhar@redhat.com) - use RestartSec to avoid default rate limit in systemd (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Convert image_tag on masters (smunilla@redhat.com) - Installs and upgrades from authenticated registries are not supported for now (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Handle cases where the pacemaker variables aren't set (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Containerized installs on RHEL were downgrading docker unnecessarily (bleanhar@redhat.com) * Tue Apr 12 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.78-1 - Add support for creating secure router. (abutcher@redhat.com) * Mon Apr 11 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.77-1 - Fix a docker-storage sysconfig bug. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - update bootstrap-fedora to include python2-firewall for F24+ (maxamillion@fedoraproject.org) - Merge openshift_env hostvars. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add openshift_hosted_facts role and remove hosted facts from openshift_common. (abutcher@redhat.com) * Fri Apr 08 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.76-1 - a-o-i: Support openshift_image_tag (smunilla@redhat.com) - Bug 1324729 - Import xPaas image streams failed during 3.2 installation (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Test docker_version_result.stdout when determining if docker should be installed/downgraded. (abutcher@redhat.com) * Thu Apr 07 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.75-1 - First attempt at oadm router module (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Remove openshift_common dep from openshift_storage_nfs (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add cloudprovider config dir to docker options. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Check for kind in cloudprovider facts prior to accessing. (abutcher@redhat.com) * Wed Apr 06 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.74-1 - Add support for configuring oauth templates. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add support for templating master admissionConfig. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) * Wed Apr 06 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.73-1 - Replace unused Dockerfile with one used for official builds. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Update for zbx_user refresh (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Docker 1.9 is actually cool starting in origin 1.1.4 (sdodson@redhat.com) - Unmask services (bleanhar@redhat.com) - XPAAS v1.3 for OSE 3.2 (sdodson@redhat.com) - XPAAS 1.3 content for OSE 3.1 (sdodson@redhat.com) - Bug 1322788 - The IMAGE_VERSION wasn't added to atomic-openshift-master-api and atomic-openshift-master-controllers (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Bug 1323123 - upgrade failed to containerized OSE on RHEL Host without ose3.2 repo (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Write inventory to same directory as quick install config. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add --gen-inventory command to atomic-openshift-installer. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) * Tue Apr 05 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.72-1 - when docker is installed, make it 1.8.2 to avoid issues (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Downgrade to docker 1.8.2 if installing OSE < 3.2 (sdodson@redhat.com) - Pacemaker is unsupported for 3.2 (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Fixing regexp. Periods are no longer allowed (kwoodson@redhat.com) - We require docker 1.9 for the 3.2 upgrade (bleanhar@redhat.com) * Mon Apr 04 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.71-1 - Fixed oc_edit by requiring name and content (kwoodson@redhat.com) - add higher severity trigger if no heartbeat for 1 hour (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Yedit enhancements (kwoodson@redhat.com) * Fri Apr 01 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.70-1 - Enable Ansible ssh pipelining to speedup deployment (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Allow for overriding scheduler config (jdetiber@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Add 3.2 to list of supported versions (smunilla@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Support for unattended upgrades (smunilla@redhat.com) - a-o-i: More flexible upgrade mappings (smunilla@redhat.com) - a-o-i: OSE/AEP 3.2 product option (smunilla@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Error out early if callback_facts is None (smunilla@redhat.com) * Thu Mar 31 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.69-1 - Bug 1320829 - Ensure docker installed for facts (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Bug 1322788 - The IMAGE_VERSION wasn't added to atomic-openshift-master-api and atomic-openshift-master-controllers (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Fixed generate header. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Bug 1322335 - The package name is wrong for rpm upgrade (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Add AWS cloud provider support. (abutcher@redhat.com) * Wed Mar 30 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.68-1 - Moving generation of ansible module side by side with module. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Bug 1322338 - The upgrade should keep the option insecure- registry= (bleanhar@redhat.com) * Tue Mar 29 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.67-1 - The systemd unit for atomic-openshift-master wasn't not being created (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Use openshift.master.ha instead of duplicating the logic (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Workaround for authenticated registries (bleanhar@redhat.com) - First pass at systemd unit refactor (bleanhar@redhat.com) - fix the key name for the dynamic item of avalable (zhizhang@zhizhang-laptop- nay.redhat.com) - make docker service want ose containerized services (sjenning@redhat.com) * Mon Mar 28 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.66-1 - Fixed error message to add valid yaml (kwoodson@redhat.com) - added admin binary varibale usage as well as specifying kubeconfig copy to be used (jkwiatko@redhat.com) - Sync latest db-templates and qucikstart-templates (sdodson@redhat.com) - adding playbook (jkwiatko@redhat.com) - Tested of refactored code (jkwiatko@redhat.com) - fix some typo (zhizhang@use-tower1.ops.rhcloud.com) - add the total and available space item (zhizhang@use-tower1.ops.rhcloud.com) - add dynamic pv count (zhizhang@use-tower1.ops.rhcloud.com) - revised and restructured logging role (jkwiatko@redhat.com) - Adding openshift_efk role (jkwiatko@redhat.com) - Attempt to fix error validating when extraScopes and extraAuthorizeParameters are not present (jdetiber@redhat.com) * Thu Mar 24 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.65-1 - Adding deployment config and refactored. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - ManageIQ SA: Adding image-puller role (efreiber@redhat.com) * Wed Mar 23 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.64-1 - Latest cli updates from generated files (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Add /dev to node containers (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix indention (whearn@redhat.com) - Support setting local storage perFSGroup quota in node config. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix line break (whearn@redhat.com) - Lock down permissions on named certificates (elyscape@gmail.com) - Add namespace flag to oc create (whearn@redhat.com) * Mon Mar 21 2016 Kenny Woodson <kwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.63-1 - Modified group selectors for muliple clusters per account (kwoodson@redhat.com) * Fri Mar 18 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.62-1 - Yaml editor first attempt (kwoodson@redhat.com) - libvirt cluster variables cleanup (pep@redhat.com) * Thu Mar 17 2016 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.61-1 - Bug 1317755 - Set insecure-registry for internal registry by default (jdetiber@redhat.com) * Wed Mar 16 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.60-1 - Fall back to deployment_type in openshift_facts. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fixing undefined variable check (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Fix path to cacert on /healthz/ready check (sdodson@redhat.com) - Load environment files in containerized installs (sdodson@redhat.com) - change type to value_type (zhizhang@zhizhang-laptop-nay.redhat.com) - change time from int to float (zhizhang@zhizhang-laptop-nay.redhat.com) - change the check time from 1 hour to 2 hour (zhizhang@zhizhang-laptop- nay.redhat.com) - add item of time cost a app build and app create (zhizhang@zhizhang-laptop- nay.redhat.com) - add trigger for app creation with build process (zhizhang@zhizhang-laptop- nay.redhat.com) - add key of openshift.master.app.build.create (zhizhang@zhizhang-laptop- nay.redhat.com) * Wed Mar 16 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.59-1 - Only mask etcd service for containerized installls when it's installed (sdodson@redhat.com) - Provide cacert when performing health checks (abutcher@redhat.com) * Tue Mar 15 2016 Kenny Woodson <kwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.58-1 - Group selector feature added (kwoodson@redhat.com) - nfs: replace yum with dnf (efreiber@redhat.com) - Move common common facts to openshift_facts (jdetiber@redhat.com) - perform oc client config tasks only once when ansible_ssh_user is root (jdetiber@redhat.com) - OSE/Origin < 3.2/1.2 should not get Docker 1.9 (sdodson@redhat.com) * Mon Mar 14 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.57-1 - Docker stderr can break this script if ansible executes it remotely (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Handle HA master case (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Bug 1315564 - Containerized installs require a running environment (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Updating the docker registry variables to use the new name (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Bug 1316761 - Skip the available version check if openshift_image_tag is defined. (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Ansible module to manage secrets for openshift api (kwoodson@redhat.com) * Mon Mar 14 2016 Kenny Woodson <kwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.56-1 - Updating our metadata tooling to work without env (kwoodson@redhat.com) - improve ordering of systemd units (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Docker role refactor (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Ensure is_containerized is cast as bool. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Sync latest to v1.2 (sdodson@redhat.com) - Sync with latest image stream and templates (sdodson@redhat.com) - Allow origin version to be passed in as an argument (sdodson@redhat.com) - Add support for Openstack integration (sbaubeau@redhat.com) - Expose log level on the monitor (abhat@nuagenetworks.net) - openshift_facts: Safe cast additional bools (smunilla@redhat.com) - openshift-ansible: Wrap boolean facts (smunilla@redhat.com) - fixed copr releasers file (twiest@redhat.com) - Libvirt provider fixes (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Support log level configuration for plugin (abhat@nuagenetworks.net) * Wed Mar 09 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.55-1 - Bug 1315564 - upgrade to ose3.2 failed on Atomic Hosts (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Bug 1315563 - Upgrade failed to containerized install OSE 3.1 on RHEL (bleanhar@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Fix NFS storage tests (smunilla@redhat.com) - First attempt at NFS setup (smunilla@redhat.com) - reverting back to pre-pulling the master image (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Use /healthz/ready when verifying api (abutcher@redhat.com) - Formatting error (Viet.atx@gmail.com) - Introduce origin-metrics playbook (vnguyen@redhat.com) * Tue Mar 08 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.54-1 - Bug 1315563 - stdout IO redirection wasn't working as expected over SSH connections (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Bug 1315637 - The docker wasn't upgraded on node during upgrade (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Bug 1315564 - upgrade to ose3.2 failed on Atomic Hosts (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Fix issue when there are no infra nodes (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Stop the etcd container during uninstall (bleanhar@redhat.com) * Mon Mar 07 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.53-1 - Don't enable cockpit-ws for containerized installs (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Support openshift_image_tag (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Set g_new_master_hosts in upgrade playbooks. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add setting for configuring nofile limit for haproxy (jdetiber@redhat.com) * Mon Mar 07 2016 Joel Diaz <jdiaz@redhat.com> 3.0.52-1 - fixed monitoring containers to restart (sten@redhat.com) - Lock down generated certs dir (sdodson@redhat.com) - package up lib_zabbix into its own subpackage (jdiaz@redhat.com) * Fri Mar 04 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.51-1 - Bug 1314645 - Upgrade failed with "One or more undefined variables 'dict object' has no attribute 'stdout'" (bleanhar@redhat.com) - EBS storage does not support Recycle (sedgar@redhat.com) - Remove cockpit and kubernetes-client packages in uninstall playbook. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Update README_origin.md (trond.hapnes@gmail.com) - Add cockpit-docker package by default (nakayamakenjiro@gmail.com) * Thu Mar 03 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.50-1 - change lib_zabbix's import to new pathing (jdiaz@redhat.com) - upgrade README fixes (bleanhar@redhat.com) - A few images weren't being uninstalled (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Adding support for v1.2 examples (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Adding templates for v1.2 (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Adding verify_upgrade_version variable for upgrade debugging (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Correctly set the image tag for containerized installs (and upgrades) (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Adding newly required variable (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Updating the containerized cli wrapper to work for both docker 1.8 and 1.9 (bleanhar@redhat.com) - uninstall the QE images (bleanhar@redhat.com) - First past at the upgrade process (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Check for is_containerized value when setting binary locations. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Bug 1313169 - Ansible installer tries to enable etcd_container service even though containerized=false (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Fix logging infra template version mismatch. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Changes required for Nuage monitor REST server (vishal.patil@nuagenetworks.net) - disable http-server-close option (jdetiber@redhat.com) - change [HEAL] to [Heal] to match with v2 (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Increase maxconn settings for haproxy lb (jdetiber@redhat.com) * Tue Mar 01 2016 Matt Woodson <mwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.49-1 - fixed error in awsutil.py (mwoodson@redhat.com) * Tue Mar 01 2016 Matt Woodson <mwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.48-1 - ohi: added subtype searching (mwoodson@redhat.com) - make heal remote actions generic for all [HEAL] triggers (jdiaz@redhat.com) - added extra steps to ensure docker starts up (mwoodson@redhat.com) - role_removal: docker_storage; This is the old way, no longer used (mwoodson@redhat.com) - role: added docker_storage_setup (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Use inventory_hostname for openshift master certs to sync. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Adding a symlink to making loading the examples more convenient (bleanhar@redhat.com) - docs: Explain a bit more how to expand Atomic Host rootfs (walters@verbum.org) - a-o-i: Rename osm_default_subdomain (smunilla@redhat.com) - Updating tito config for OSE 3.2 (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Synchronize master kube configs (abutcher@redhat.com) - added os_utils, os_reboot_server role; removed containerization stuff from the updated (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Add warnings to bin/cluster and READMEs (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add host subnet length example. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Upgrade -1510 to CentOS-7-x86_64-GenericCloud-1602. (cben@redhat.com) - Pin down CentOS-7-x86_64-GenericCloud-1510.qcow2.xz version, which the checksum currently expects (#1384). (cben@redhat.com) - Change is_atomic to is_containerized (florian.lambert@enovance.com) - Rename variable to openshift_master_default_subdomain with backwards compatibility. (jstuever@redhat.com) - lib_dyn: more updates to the lib_dyn module. Made the TTL more flexible (mwoodson@redhat.com) - remote heal action for OVS down (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Pass registry claim to openshift_registry. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Refactor - increase retries instead of delay in "Wait for Node Registration" (david.mat@archimiddle.com) - Better diagnostic messages when an OpenStack heat stack creation fails (lhuard@amadeus.com) - made some changes to lib_dyn update (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Increase timeout on Wait for Node Registration (david.mat@archimiddle.com) - Fix typo in oscp (agrimm@redhat.com) - Add correct parsing of ec2_security_groups env variable (david.mat@archimiddle.com) - changed oso_host_monitoring to use the oo_ vars (twiest@redhat.com) - Add quotes around src argument to support paths with spaces (david.mat@archimiddle.com) - Add missing is_atomic condition on upgrade package (florian.lambert@enovance.com) - configure debug_level for master and node from cli (jawed.khelil@amadeus.com) - remove version requirement from etcd, shouldn't be needed anymore (maxamillion@fedoraproject.org) - Add ansible.cfg to .gitignore (jdetiber@redhat.com) - added node-secgroup to master_nodes (j.david.nieto@gmail.com) - Document setting the VPC subnet (puiterwijk@redhat.com) - Update the AMIs used in README_AWS (puiterwijk@redhat.com) - Add byo examples for network cidr and api/console ports. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add openshift_docker roles to master/node scaleup. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fail when master.master_count descreases or master.ha changes. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Protected facts. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add modify_yaml module. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Re-arrange scaleup playbooks. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Move additional master configuration into a separate master playbook. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Generate each master's certificates separately. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add new_masters to scaleup playbook. (abutcher@redhat.com) * Wed Feb 24 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.47-1 - a-o-i: Double safety check on master_lb (smunilla@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Better method for identifying master_lb (smunilla@redhat.com) * Tue Feb 23 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.46-1 - a-o-i: Exception checking around master_lb (smunilla@redhat.com) * Mon Feb 22 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.45-1 - Do not monitor for etcd watchers (mmahut@redhat.com) - remove old master registry item/triggers (jdiaz@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Redo logic for detecting master_lb (smunilla@redhat.com) - Fix 1.2 version check (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix pv/c creation failed_when. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Rename variable to delete temporary file, add configurable path. (hrosnet@redhat.com) - Add /var/log to containerized node mounts (sdodson@redhat.com) - Add extra parameters for S3 registry: delete file, create bucket. (hrosnet@redhat.com) - Don't make config files world readable (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix requiring state and providing a default (rharriso@redhat.com) - bind in /etc/origin/node for non-master monitoring to be able to talk with master (jdiaz@redhat.com) - a-o-i: pylint fixes related to too-long lines (smunilla@redhat.com) * Wed Feb 17 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.44-1 - create registry items/triggers under Openshift Node (jdiaz@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Change method for counting master_lb as installed (smunilla@redhat.com) * Tue Feb 16 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.43-1 - Add default to state param (rharriso@redhat.com) - Add type to record_type param (rharriso@redhat.com) - Add types to module params (rharriso@redhat.com) - Adding examples to the dyn_record module (rharriso@redhat.com) - add item to track docker-registry pings (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Handle case where the user already had access to the scc (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Refactoring the add-scc-to-user logic (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Apply openshift_docker to nodes during scaleup. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Change etcd deamon name for atomic-host (florian.lambert@enovance.com) * Tue Feb 16 2016 Joel Diaz <jdiaz@redhat.com> 3.0.42-1 - Add gce softlink for openshift-ansible-bin * Mon Feb 15 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.41-1 - Bug 1308411 - Fail to install OSE 3.0 for no add-scc-to-user command (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Add openshift_docker_options to append arbitrary options to /etc/sysconfig/docker OPTIONS (sdodson@redhat.com) - oo_filter: added custom fitler to return hosts group info (mwoodson@redhat.com) - add gce softlink for openshift-ansible-bin RPM (jdiaz@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Count nativeha hosts as "installed" for scaleup (smunilla@redhat.com) - a-o-i: Add master_routingconfig_subdomain to PERSIST_SETTINGS (smunilla@redhat.com) - Bug 1308412 - Fail to install containerized HA master env on RHEL7 (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Bug 1308314 - Failed to continue installation when pressing CTRL-C (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Updating the 3.1.1 router to match the new liveness probe configuration (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Don't automatically give additional permissions to all OAuth users on upgrade (jliggitt@redhat.com) - Fix adhoc boostrap fedora playbook (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix libvirt cluster creation (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Add missing `type` node labels on OpenStack and libvirt (lhuard@amadeus.com) - a-o-i: Prompts to allow minor upgrades (smunilla@redhat.com) - conditionalize loopback config on v >= 3.2/1.2 (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fixes pv/pvc creation for latest builds (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Bug 1302970 - update script does not patch router if name is different from default (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Fix loopback cluster name, context name, and user (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Changes for new Nuage RPMS (vishal.patil@nuagenetworks.net) - Make the GCE image_name and the machine_type configurable from the CLI (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Better structure the output of the list playbook (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Fix issue when there are no infra nodes (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Remove fluentd_master and fluentd_node roles. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Remove etcd up checks from fluentd_master. (abutcher@redhat.com) * Thu Feb 11 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.40-1 - Bug 1306665 - [metrics] update metrics-deployer template to use latest image versions (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Add organizations attribute to github identity provider (jdetiber@redhat.com) - use correct dict key (jdiaz@redhat.com) - handle being passed an empty group list (jdiaz@redhat.com) - fix default value (jdetiber@redhat.com) - removed notscheduleable trigger, it just makes noise in its current incarnation (sten@redhat.com) - trigger on two successive bad pid counts (jdiaz@redhat.com) - added nodes not ready and nodes not schedulable triggers (sten@redhat.com) - Enable selection of kubeproxy mode (vishal.patil@nuagenetworks.net) - add default storage plugins to 'origin' deployment_type (rvanveelen@tremorvideo.com) - added nodes not ready and nodes not schedulable triggers (sten@redhat.com) - Don't mask master service on atomic. (abutcher@redhat.com) - update defaults and examples w/ iscsi plugin (rvanveelen@tremorvideo.com) - add iscsi storage_plugin dependency (rvanveelen@tremorvideo.com) - Add gte check for 3.2, update version checks to gte (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Specify default namespace when creating router (pat2man@gmail.com) - add missing connection:local (jdetiber@redhat.com) - consolidate oo_first_master post-config a bit, fix some roles that use openshift_facts without declaring a dependency (jdetiber@redhat.com) - openshift_serviceaccounts updates (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix infra_node deployment (jdetiber@redhat.com) - changed registry checks to alert based on number of registries with problems (sten@redhat.com) - Fix a bug with existing CNAME records (rharriso@redhat.com) - Fix HA typo in example AEP/OSE/Origin inventories (adellape@redhat.com) - Updated the key for app create (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Add missing atomic- and openshift-enterprise (pep@redhat.com) - Fix enabling iptables for latest rhel versions (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Make pod_eviction_timeout configurable from cli (jawed.khelil@amadeus.com) * Tue Feb 09 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.39-1 - Bug 1304150 - Can't upgrade atomic-openshift to specified version (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Mask master service when using native ha (jdetiber@redhat.com) - aoi: Safer check for master_routingconfig_subdomain (smunilla@redhat.com) - Add a DNS server on OpenStack clusters (lhuard@amadeus.com) - renamed /etc/openshift to /etc/origin (sten@redhat.com) - gitignore : .tag* (atom editor tag files) (sdodson@redhat.com) - Add an early check to ensure that node names resolve to an interface on the host (sdodson@redhat.com) - Allow compression option to be set to empty for non compressed QCow images Support tgz and gzip compressed images (akram@free.fr) - Replace status_changed bool (abutcher@redhat.com) - Improve docs and consistency of setting the ssh_user (jdetiber@redhat.com) - remove outdated comments (jdetiber@redhat.com) - add etcd hosts for gce playbooks (jdetiber@redhat.com) - GCE cloud provider updates (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Remove extra nfs configuration. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Do not apply the etcd_certificates role during node playbook. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add g_new_node_hosts to cluster_hosts. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Updating examples to use /etc/origin/master/htpasswd (jstuever@redhat.com) - Refactor registry storage options. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Additional overrides for cloud provider playbooks (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Bring first etcd server up before others. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) * Tue Feb 02 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.38-1 - aoi: Ask for osm_default_subdomain in interactive mode (smunilla@redhat.com) - add item to hold number of stray OVS rules found/removed (jdiaz@redhat.com) - changed adhoc playbook to match new host monitoring container (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Multi-master fixes for provider playbooks (jdetiber@redhat.com) - zabbix: added master local api items and triggers (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Added docs around oo_nodes_with_label (jdetiber@redhat.com) - fix for terminate (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix node tags for aws provider (jdetiber@redhat.com) - use yaml for loading lable info instead of json (jdetiber@redhat.com) - infra_node fixes (jdetiber@redhat.com) - removing extraneous comments (rharriso@redhat.com) - Remove commented lines and fix pylint check (rharriso@redhat.com) - Cleaning up the dyn ansible module for merging (rharriso@redhat.com) - Fix missing bool filter (sdodson@redhat.com) - Sync platest imagestreams (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fixing last pylint error (rharriso@redhat.com) - Fix hostname for aws cloud provider (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fixing pylint errors (rharriso@redhat.com) - Give openvswitch container some time to start (jprovazn@redhat.com) - s3_registry no filter named 'lookup' (florian.lambert@enovance.com) - WIP adding the lib_dyn role for the dyn_record module (rharriso@redhat.com) * Fri Jan 29 2016 Kenny Woodson <kwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.37-1 - Adding ip address option (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Enable cockpit when not is_atomic. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Explicitly restart the atomic node service after configuring it for nuage (vishal.patil@nuagenetworks.net) - Fix for bug 1298 (vishal.patil@nuagenetworks.net) - fixing logic for skipping symlinks (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Allow to have custom bucket name and region (florian.lambert@enovance.com) - Add inventory example for logrotate_scripts (abutcher@redhat.com) - Minor readme cleanup for Bug 1271566 (bleanhar@redhat.com) - fix template trigger calc (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Configure logrotate on atomic. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Comparing zbx_host interfaces and removing duplicate hostgroup_names (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Dockerfile: Require pyOpenSSL (gscrivan@redhat.com) - replace yum with dnf (spartacus06@gmail.com) - Install cockpit, logrotate and fluentd unless host is atomic. (abutcher@redhat.com) - zabbix: added the skydns items and triggers (mwoodson@redhat.com) - fix pkg_version (spinolacastro@gmail.com) - Expose data_dir (spinolacastro@gmail.com) - Fix checking for update package availability (nikolai@prokoschenko.de) - Fix oo_pretty_print_cluster following the renaming of `env` into `clusterid` (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Ensure openssl present for etcd_ca (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Update Docs and test for testing ansible version (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Add Nuage support to openshift ansible (vishpat@gmail.com) - Updating for host monitoring HA masters (kwoodson@redhat.com) - adhoc s3 registry - add auth part in the registry config sample (gael.lambert@enovance.com) - Move the `is_atomic` check from `update_repos_and_packages.yml` to `rhel_subscribe` (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Increase OpenStack stack creation/deletion timeout (lhuard@amadeus.com) * Mon Jan 25 2016 Kenny Woodson <kwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.36-1 - Fixing awsutil to support aliases and v3 (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Fail when master restart playbook finds no active masters rather than any failed masters. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Skipping any symlinks for the yaml validation check (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Added template for config loop. (twiest@redhat.com) - Test validate_pcs_cluster input is basestring instead of str. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix error when oo_masters_to_config is empty (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Update inventory examples for console customization (spinolacastro@gmail.com) - Expose console config for customization (spinolacastro@gmail.com) - oso_host_monitoring: added environment as a var to the host monitoring systemd script (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Check master certificates during upgrade. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Use haproxy frontend port for os_firewall. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix native master api sysconfig. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Enable kubernetes master config of podEvictionTimeout from ansible (jstuever@redhat.com) - Fix wrapper pathing for non-root user install. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Remove camel case for bin/cluster addNodes (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Update cluster_hosts.yml for cloud providers (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Removing ruby scripts and replacing with python. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Fixed a logic bug and yaml load (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Fixing yaml validation in python. Inputs behave differently as does glob (kwoodson@redhat.com) - oso_monitoring: add the zabbix libs (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Removing removing scripts and moving to python. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - add ability to disable ztriggers and disable new container dns check (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Remove default disable of SDN for GCE (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix hardcoded api_port in openshift_master_cluster (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Use local address for loopback kubeconfig (jdetiber@redhat.com) - consolidate steps and cleanup template dir (jdetiber@redhat.com) - v3_0_to_v3_1_upgrade: Remove is_atomic check for upgrades (smunilla@redhat.com) - v3_0_to_v3_1_upgrade: Copy tasks rather than including from the playbook (smunilla@redhat.com) - v3_0_to_v3_1_upgrade: Install storage packages (smunilla@redhat.com) - Controllers_port and firewall rules (spinolacastro@gmail.com) - Fix bind address/port when isn't default (spinolacastro@gmail.com) - Add ability to disable os_firewall (jdetiber@redhat.com) * Mon Jan 18 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.35-1 - added the lib_timedate role (mwoodson@redhat.com) - added chrony (mwoodson@redhat.com) - added oso_moniotoring tools role (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Improve pacemaker 'is-active' check. (abutcher@redhat.com) * Mon Jan 18 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.34-1 - clean up too-many-branches / logic (jdiaz@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: add containerized to inventory (smunilla@redhat.com) - Add 'unknown' to possible output for the is-active check. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix cluster_method conditional in master restart playbook. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Use IdentityFile instead of PrivateKey (donovan.muller@gmail.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Remove containerized install for 3.0 (smunilla@redhat.com) - Host group should be OSEv3 not OSv3 (donovan.muller@gmail.com) - Remove pause after haproxy start (abutcher@redhat.com) - Ensure nfs-utils installed for non-atomic hosts. (abutcher@redhat.com) * Fri Jan 15 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.33-1 - Configure nodes which are also masters prior to nodes in containerized install. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Call attention to openshift_master_rolling_restart_mode variable in restart prompt. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Added anchors for rules in style_guide.adoc in order to make it easier to reference specific rules in PRs. (twiest@redhat.com) - Update ec2.ini (jdetiber@redhat.com) * Thu Jan 14 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.32-1 - Uninstall remove containerized wrapper and symlinks (abutcher@redhat.com) * Thu Jan 14 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.31-1 - Check api prior to starting node. (abutcher@redhat.com) - added anchors (twiest@redhat.com) * Wed Jan 13 2016 Joel Diaz <jdiaz@redhat.com> 3.0.30-1 - Add -A and detail --v3 flags * Wed Jan 13 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.29-1 - 3.1.1 upgrade playbook (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Updated help menu for v3 flag (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Add wait in between api and controllers start for native ha. (abutcher@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Error handling for unicode hostnames (smunilla@redhat.com) - Update api verification. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add a Verify API Server handler that waits for the API server to become available (sdodson@redhat.com) - Add -A parameter to forward ssh agent (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Validate pacemaker cluster members. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Removed atomic host check (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Add is_containerized inputs to nosetests. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add wait for API before starting controllers w/ native ha install. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix for to_padded_yaml filter (jdetiber@redhat.com) - - sqashed to one commit (llange@redhat.com) - Switch to using hostnamectl as it works on atomic and rhel7 (sdodson@redhat.com) - Update rolling restart playbook for pacemaker support. Replace fail with a warn and prompt if running ansible from a host that will be rebooted. Re- organize playbooks. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Implement simple master rolling restarts. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - re-enable containerize installs (sdodson@redhat.com) - Set portal net in master playbook (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Set the cli image to match osm_image in openshift_cli role (sdodson@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Populate new_nodes group (smunilla@redhat.com) - Always pull docker images (sdodson@redhat.com) * Mon Jan 11 2016 Kenny Woodson <kwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.28-1 - added the rhe7-host-monitoring service file (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Fixing tab completion for latest metadata changes (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Removing some internal hostnames (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Fixing tab completion for latest metadata changes (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Make bin/cluster able to spawn OSE 3.1 clusters (lhuard@amadeus.com) - oso_host_monitoring role: removed the f22 and zagg client, replaced it with oso-rhel7-host-monitoring container (mwoodson@redhat.com) * Fri Jan 08 2016 Kenny Woodson <kwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.27-1 - Update to metadata tooling. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Fix VM drive cleanup during terminate on libvirt (lhuard@amadeus.com) * Fri Jan 08 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.26-1 - Bug 1296388 - fixing typo (bleanhar@redhat.com) * Thu Jan 07 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.25-1 - Bug 1296388 - The playbook still configure ManageIQ when openshift_use_manageiq is false (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Add a banner to CLI wrapper instructing users that it's only for bootstrapping (sdodson@redhat.com) - Rename env into clusterid and add environment in the OpenStack VMs tags (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Fix terminate.yml on OpenStack (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Install gluster and ceph packages when containerized but not atomic (sdodson@redhat.com) - Update openshift_facts config_base for Online deployments (whearn@redhat.com) - Fix multi-word arguments & cli wrapper stdin plumbing (sdodson@redhat.com) - Improve 3.1/1.1 upgrade check (jdetiber@redhat.com) * Thu Jan 07 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.24-1 - Setting relative paths in the upgrade playbooks wasn't working (bleanhar@redhat.com) * Wed Jan 06 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.23-1 - Move extra secret validations into openshift_facts. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Remove not is_containerized restriction on storage plugin includes. (abutcher@redhat.com) - We can't enable manageiq for installations less than OSE 3.1 or Origin 1.1 (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Fix RHN subscription by explicitly attaching to the right pool (lhuard@amadeus.com) - openshift_facts validation (abutcher@redhat.com) - Secrets validation. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Clean up idempotency issues with session secrets. (abutcher@redhat.com) * Wed Jan 06 2016 Kenny Woodson <kwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.22-1 - playbook for restarting SDN (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Stop haproxy and remove package during uninstall. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Group name as per hosts.origin.example (donovan.muller@gmail.com) - I believe the ami id changed since the initial documentation was created for AWS deployment (rcook@redhat.com) * Tue Jan 05 2016 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.21-1 - Fix osm_controller_args and osm_api_server_args settings. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix error in byo cluster_hosts.yml (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Cleanup and fixes for cluster_id change (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix typo in etcd service status fact. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Removing environment and env tags. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Add node kubelet args to inventory examples. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Adding ManageIQ service account by default (efreiber@redhat.com) - Fixes typo assigning docker_service_status_changed which leads to misinterpretation in handler. (eric.mountain@amadeus.com) - Fix restart handlers. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Remove lb from docker hosts. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Install iptables, iptables-services when not is_aotmic (sdodson@redhat.com) - Install all xpaas streams when enabled (sdodson@redhat.com) - add the necessary URLs for logging and metrics (git001@users.noreply.github.com) - Link to Tito Home Page is Broken (lloy0076@adam.com.au) - Conditionalize for 3.1.1/1.1.1 (abutcher@redhat.com) - Use notify for workaround controllers unit. (abutcher@redhat.com) - change dns triggers to average (jdiaz@redhat.com) - add item/trigger for dns tests on all currently running containers (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Add jboss-fuse/application-templates/fis-image-streams.json (sdodson@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Fix broken nosetest (smunilla@redhat.com) - Update from jboss-openshift/application-templates ose-v1.2.0-1 (sdodson@redhat.com) - fix logic to tolerate occasional failures (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Clean up versions.sh (sdodson@redhat.com) - change ovs mount to /var/run/openvswitch will not require a container restart if openvswitch service is restarted (jdiaz@redhat.com) - split zagg.server.processor.errors into separate heartbeat and metrics error items (needed since the scripts are split now). (twiest@redhat.com) - quick installer tests (smunilla@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Remove HA hint for 3.0 install (smunilla@redhat.com) - Add some guards to wait for images to be pulled before moving on (sdodson@redhat.com) - Install httpd-tools when not is_atomic (sdodson@redhat.com) - Properly set use_flannel fact (sbaubeau@redhat.com) - Fix containerized variable (sdodson@redhat.com) - Skip yum/dnf ops when is_containerized (sdodson@redhat.com) - Move all docker config into openshift_docker to minimize docker restarts (sdodson@redhat.com) - Create nfs host group with registry volume attachment. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add openshift_cli role (sdodson@redhat.com) - pull docker images only if not already present (jdetiber@redhat.com) - fixes (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Containerization work by @sdodson (sdodson@redhat.com) - Initial containerization work from @ibotty (tob@butter.sh) - Add zabbix values to track docker container DNS results (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Fix registry modification for new deployment types. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Updates to ohi to pull cache if specified. Also require version (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Zabbix: added trigger to monitor app create over the last hour (mwoodson@redhat.com) - added 'Template Zagg Server' (twiest@redhat.com) - Fixes typo when setting facts to record whether master/node has been restarted already, to decide whether notify handler should do so or not. Currently, this causes random SDN network setup failures as openshift-node gets restarted while the setup script is running, and the subsequent start fails to configure the SDN because it thinks it's already done. (eric.mountain@amadeus.com) - Change controllers service type to simple. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Updating env-host-type to host patterns (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Add note that Fedora 23+ is acceptable deployment target for origin (admiller@redhat.com) - Enforce connection: local and become: no on all localhost plays (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Use join for the uncompress command. (jsteffan@fedoraproject.org) - Update for latest CentOS-7-x86_64-GenericCloud. - Use xz compressed image - Update sha256 for new image - Update docs to reflect new settings (jsteffan@fedoraproject.org) * Thu Dec 10 2015 Thomas Wiest <twiest@redhat.com> 3.0.20-1 - Revert "Automatic commit of package [openshift-ansible] release [3.0.20-1]." (twiest@redhat.com) - Automatic commit of package [openshift-ansible] release [3.0.20-1]. (twiest@redhat.com) - Install base package in openshift_common for version facts (abutcher@redhat.com) - Make the install of openshift_examples optional (jtslear@gmail.com) - add support for remote command actions no support for anything but custom scripts at this time (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Remove yum / dnf duplication (sdodson@redhat.com) - Remove hacluster user during uninstall. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Simplify session secrets overrides. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Squash pcs install into one task. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Bump ansible requirement to 1.9.4 (sdodson@redhat.com) * Wed Dec 09 2015 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.19-1 - Fix version dependent image streams (sdodson@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Error handling on yaml loading (smunilla@redhat.com) - Betterize AWS readme (jtslear@gmail.com) * Tue Dec 08 2015 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.18-1 - Pass in and use first_master_ip as dnsIP for pre 3.1 nodes. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix delete state (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Require pyOpenSSL (sdodson@redhat.com) - Update sync db-templates, image-streams, and quickstart-templates (sdodson@redhat.com) - Clarify the preflight port check output (sdodson@redhat.com) - Fix missing dependency version locking (sdodson@redhat.com) * Tue Dec 08 2015 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.17-1 - Improving output when gathering facts (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Bug 1287977 - Incorrect check output from atomic-openshift-installer when working with preconfigured load balancer (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Add unique AEP, OSE, and Origin BYO inventories (sdodson@redhat.com) - bring the docker udev workaround into openshift-ansible.git (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Zabbix: put in a note about trigger prototype dependency (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Zabbix: added dependency for inode disk check (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Zabbix: added dependency for disk check (mwoodson@redhat.com) - zabbix: removed ethernet graphs (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Zabbix: added trigger dependencies to certain master checks (mwoodson@redhat.com) - ManageIQ Service Account: added role for ManageIQ service account (efreiber@redhat.com) - added the pv zabbix keys (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Refactor dns options and facts. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix openshift_facts playbook for yum/dnf changes (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Configured master count should be 1 for pacemaker ha. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fedora changes: (admiller@redhat.com) - Centralize etcd/schedulability logic for each host. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - added upgrade playbook for online (sedgar@redhat.com) - Improved installation summary. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix kubernetes service ip gathering. (abutcher@redhat.com) - added docker registry cluster check (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Add warning for HA deployments with < 3 dedicated nodes. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Cleanup more schedulable typos. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix validation for BasicAuthPasswordIdentityProvider (tschan@puzzle.ch) - Fix ec2 instance type lookups (jdetiber@redhat.com) - remove debug logging from scc/privileged patch command (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Set api version for oc commands (jdetiber@redhat.com) - 3.1 upgrade - use --api-version for patch commands (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix bug when warning on no dedicated nodes. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Suggest dedicated nodes for an HA deployment. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Error out if no load balancer specified. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Adjust requirement for 3 masters for HA deployments. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fixing 'unscheduleable' typo (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Update IMAGE_PREFIX and IMAGE_VERSION values in hawkular template (nakayamakenjiro@gmail.com) - Improved output when re-running after editing config. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Print a system summary after adding each. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Text improvements for host specification. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Assert etcd section written for HA installs. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Breakout a test fixture to reduce module size. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Pylint touchups. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Trim assertions in HA testing. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Test unattended HA quick install. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Don't prompt to continue during unattended installs. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Block re-use of master/node as load balancer in attended install. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add -q flag to remove unwantend output (such as mirror and cache information) (urs.breu@ergon.ch) - Uninstall: only restart docker on node hosts. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Explicitly set schedulable when masters == nodes. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Use admin.kubeconfig for get svc ip. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Point enterprise metrics at registry.access.redhat.com/openshift3/metrics- (sdodson@redhat.com) - Make sure that OpenSSL is installed before use (fsimonce@redhat.com) - fixes for installer wrapper scaleup (jdetiber@redhat.com) - addtl aws fixes (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix failure when seboolean not present (jdetiber@redhat.com) - fix addNodes.yml (jdetiber@redhat.com) - more aws support for scaleup (jdetiber@redhat.com) - start of aws scaleup (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Improve scaleup playbook (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Update openshift_repos to refresh package cache on changes (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Add etcd nodes management in OpenStack (lhuard@amadeus.com) * Tue Nov 24 2015 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.16-1 - Silencing pylint branch errors for now for the atomic-openshift-installer harness (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Properly setting scheduleability for HA Master scenarios (bleanhar@redhat.com) - added graphs (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Rework setting of hostname (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fixed a bug in the actions. It now supports changing opconditions (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Conditionally set the nodeIP (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Bug 1284991 - "atomic-openshift-installer uninstall" error when configuration file is missing. (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Avoid printing the master and node totals in the add-a-node scenario (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Fixing tests for quick_ha (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Removing a debug line (bleanhar@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Fix lint issue (smunilla@redhat.com) - Handling preconfigured load balancers (bleanhar@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Rename ha_proxy (smunilla@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Reverse version and host collection (smunilla@redhat.com) - cli_installer_tests: Add test for unattended quick HA (smunilla@redhat.com) - Breakup inventory writing (smunilla@redhat.com) - Enforce 1 or 3 masters (smunilla@redhat.com) - Add interactive test (smunilla@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: HA for quick installer (smunilla@redhat.com) - Adding zbx_graph support (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Modified step params to be in order when passed as a list (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Add serviceAccountConfig.masterCA during 3.1 upgrade (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Use the identity_providers from openshift_facts instead of always using the inventory variable (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Refactor master identity provider configuration (jdetiber@redhat.com) * Fri Nov 20 2015 Kenny Woodson <kwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.15-1 - Fixing clone group functionality. Also separating extra_vars from extra_groups (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Check the end result on bad config file (smunilla@redhat.com) - Add some tests for a bad config (smunilla@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: connect_to error handling (smunilla@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: pylint fixes (smunilla@redhat.com) - Replace map with oo_collect to support python-jinja2 <2.7 (abutcher@redhat.com) - Making the uninstall playbook more flexible (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Install version dependent image streams for v1.0 and v1.1 (sdodson@redhat.com) - Do not update the hostname (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Pylint fix for long line in cli docstring. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Default to installing OSE 3.1 instead of 3.0. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix tests on systems with openshift-ansible rpms installed. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) * Thu Nov 19 2015 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.14-1 - added metric items to zabbix for openshift online (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Updating usergroups to accept users (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Differentiate machine types on GCE (master and nodes) (romain.dossin@amadeus.com) - Uninstall - Remove systemd wants file for node (jdetiber@redhat.com) - ec2 - force !requiretty for ssh_user (jdetiber@redhat.com) - small tweaks for adding docker volume for aws master hosts (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Created role to deploy ops host monitoring (jdiaz@redhat.com) - Update certificate paths when 'names' key is provided. (abutcher@redhat.com) - add a volume on master host, in AWS provisioning (chengcheng.mu@amadeus.com) - First attempt at adding web scenarios (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Use field numbers for all formats in bin/cluster for python 2.6 (abutcher@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Correct single master case (smunilla@redhat.com) - added copr-openshift-ansible releaser, removed old rel-eng stuff. (twiest@redhat.com) - changed counter -> count (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Updating zbx_item classes to support data types for bool. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Fix ec2 instance type override (jdetiber@redhat.com) - updated my check to support the boolean data type (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Add additive_facts_to_overwrite instead of overwriting all additive_facts (abutcher@redhat.com) - added healthz check and more pod count checks (mwoodson@redhat.com) - updating to the latest ec2.py (and re-patching with our changes). (twiest@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Temporarily restrict to single master (smunilla@redhat.com) - openshift-ansible: Correct variable (smunilla@redhat.com) - Refactor named certificates. (abutcher@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-utils: Version lock playbooks (smunilla@redhat.com) - Add the native ha services and configs to uninstall (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Bug 1282336 - Add additional seboolean for gluster (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Raise lifetime to 2 weeks for dynamic AWS items (jdiaz@redhat.com) - bin/cluster fix python 2.6 issue (jdetiber@redhat.com) - cluster list: break host types by subtype (lhuard@amadeus.com) - README_AWS: Add needed dependency (c.witt.1900@gmail.com) - Fix invalid sudo command test (takayoshi@gmail.com) - Docs: Fedora: Add missing dependencies and update to dnf. (public@omeid.me) - Gate upgrade steps for 3.0 to 3.1 upgrade (jdetiber@redhat.com) - added the tito and copr_cli roles (twiest@redhat.com) - pylint openshift_facts (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Update etcd default facts setting (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Update master facts prior to upgrading incase facts are missing. (abutcher@redhat.com) - pre-upgrade-check: differentiates between port and targetPort in output (smilner@redhat.com) - Better structure the output of the list playbook (lhuard@amadeus.com) - Add the sub-host-type tag to the libvirt VMs (lhuard@amadeus.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Update nopwd sudo test (smunilla@redhat.com) - Fix pylint import errors for utils/test/. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Update prompts and help messages (smunilla@redhat.com) - Dependencies need to be added when a create occurs on SLA object. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Test additions for cli_installer:get_hosts_to_install_on (bleanhar@redhat.com) - adding itservice (kwoodson@redhat.com) - remove netaddr dependency (tob@butter.sh) - Add pyOpenSSL to dependencies for Fedora. (public@omeid.me) - Vagrant RHEL registration cleanup (pep@redhat.com) - RH subscription: optional satellite and pkg update (pep@redhat.com) * Tue Nov 17 2015 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.13-1 - The aep3 images changed locations. (bleanhar@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Correct single master case (smunilla@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Temporarily restrict to single master (smunilla@redhat.com) * Wed Nov 11 2015 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.12-1 - Sync with the latest image streams (sdodson@redhat.com) * Wed Nov 11 2015 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.11-1 - Migrate xpaas content from pre v1.1.0 (sdodson@redhat.com) - Import latest xpaas templates and image streams (sdodson@redhat.com) * Wed Nov 11 2015 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.10-1 - Fix update error for templates that didn't previously exist (jdetiber@redhat.com) - General cleanup of v3_0_to_v3_1/upgrade.yml (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Add zabbix pieces to hold AWS S3 bucket stats (jdiaz@redhat.com) - add ansible dep to vagrant doc (jdetiber@redhat.com) - oo_filter: don't fail when attribute is not defined (tob@butter.sh) * Wed Nov 11 2015 Brenton Leanhardt <bleanhar@redhat.com> 3.0.9-1 - Refactor upgrade playbook(s) (jdetiber@redhat.com) * Tue Nov 10 2015 Scott Dodson <sdodson@redhat.com> 3.0.8-1 - Add origin-clients to uninstall playbook. (abutcher@redhat.com) - examples: include logging and metrics infrastructure (lmeyer@redhat.com) - Add separate step to enable services during upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Update tests now that cli is not asking for rpm/container install (smunilla@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Remove question for container install (smunilla@redhat.com) - Remove references to multi_ec2.py (jdetiber@redhat.com) - 1279746: Fix leftover disabled features line in config template. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - 1279734: Ensure services are enabled after upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix missing etcd_data_dir bug. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Package the default ansible.cfg with atomic-openshift-utils. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add ldap auth identity provider to example inventory. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Read etcd data dir from appropriate config file. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Generate inventory off hosts_to_run_on (smunilla@redhat.com) - Various fixes related to connect_to (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Remove upgrade playbook restriction on 3.0.2. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Conditionals for flannel etcd client certs. (abutcher@redhat.com) - New `iptablesSyncPeriod` field in node configuration (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix indentation on when (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Bug 1278863 - Error using openshift_pkg_version (jdetiber@redhat.com) - more cleanup of names (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Missing conditionals for api/controller sysconfig. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Updating the atomic-openshift-isntaller local connection logic for the connect_to addition. (bleanhar@redhat.com) - cleaned up network checks (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Minor upgrade improvements. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Wait for cluster to recover after pcs resource restart. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Bug 1278245 - Failed to add node to existing env using atomic-openshift- installer (bleanhar@redhat.com) - remove debug statement (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix removal of kubernetesMasterConfig.apiLevels (jdetiber@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Better specification of ansible connection point (smunilla@redhat.com) - Fix issues related to upgrade packages being unavailable (jdetiber@redhat.com) - added network checks. also updated item prototype code to support more (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Fix data_dir for 3.0 deployments (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix apiLevels modifications (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix creation of origin symlink when dir already exists. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - apiLevel changes (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Write new config to disk after successful upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix pylint errors with getting hosts to run on. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Remove v1beta3 by default for kube_nfs_volumes (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Add pre-upgrade script to be run on first master. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Start to handle pacemaker ha during upgrade (abutcher@redhat.com) - Fix lb group related errors (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Fix file check conditional. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Don't check for certs in data_dir just raise when they can't be found. Fix typo. (abutcher@redhat.com) - exclude atomic-openshift-installer from bin subpackage (tdawson@redhat.com) - add master_hostnames definition for upgrade (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Additional upgrade enhancements (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Handle backups for separate etcd hosts if necessary. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Further upgrade improvements (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Upgrade improvements (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Bug 1278243 - Confusing prompt from atomic-openshift-installer (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Bug 1278244 - Previously there was no way to add a node in unattended mode (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Revert to defaults (abutcher@redhat.com) - Bug 1278244 - Incorrect node information gathered by atomic-openshift- installer (bleanhar@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer's unattended mode wasn't work with --force for all cases (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Making it easier to use pre-release content (bleanhar@redhat.com) - The uninstall playbook needs to remove /run/openshift-sdn (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Various HA changes for pacemaker and native methods. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Bug 1274201 - Fixing non-root installations if using a local connection (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Bug 1274201 - Fixing sudo non-interactive test (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Bug 1277592 - SDN MTU has hardcoded default (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Atomic Enterprise/OpenShift Enterprise merge update (jdetiber@redhat.com) - fix dueling controllers - without controllerLeaseTTL set in config, multiple controllers will attempt to start (jdetiber@redhat.com) - default to source persistence for haproxy (jdetiber@redhat.com) - hardcode openshift binaries for now (jdetiber@redhat.com) - more tweaks (jdetiber@redhat.com) - more tweaks (jdetiber@redhat.com) - additional ha related updates (jdetiber@redhat.com) - additional native ha changes (abutcher@redhat.com) - Start of true master ha (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Atomic Enterprise related changes. (avagarwa@redhat.com) - Remove pacemaker bits. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Override hosts deployment_type fact for version we're upgrading to. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Pylint fixes for config upgrade module. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Disable proxy cert config upgrade until certs being generated. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - remove debug line (florian.lambert@enovance.com) - [roles/openshift_master_certificates/tasks/main.yml] Fix variable openshift.master.all_hostnames to openshift.common.all_hostnames (florian.lambert@enovance.com) - Fix bug with not upgrading openshift-master to atomic-openshift-master. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Adding aws and gce packages to ansible-inventory (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Fix subpackage dependencies (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Refactor common group evaluation to avoid duplication (jdetiber@redhat.com) - common/openshift-cluster: Scaleup playbook (smunilla@redhat.com) - Fix bug from module rename. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix bug with default ansible playbook dir. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Use the base package upgrade version so we can check things earlier. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Skip fail if enterprise deployment type depending on version. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add debug output for location of etcd backup. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Filter internal hostnames from the list of parsed names. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Move config upgrade to correct place, fix node facts. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add custom certificates to serving info in master configuration. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add in proxyClientInfo if missing during config upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Implement master-config.yaml upgrade for v1beta3 apiLevel removal. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix installer upgrade bug following pylint fix. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Document the new version field for installer config. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Remove my username from some test data. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add a simple version for the installer config file. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Pylint fix. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix issue with master.proxy-client.{crt,key} and omit. (abutcher@redhat.com) - initial module framework (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Better info prior to initiating upgrade. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Fix etcd backup bug with not-yet-created /var/lib/origin symlink (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Print info after upgrade completes. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Automatically upgrade legacy config files. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Remove devel fail and let upgrade proceed. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add utils subpackage missing dep on openshift-ansible-roles. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Generate timestamped etcd backups. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add etcd_data_dir fact. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Functional disk space checking for etcd backup. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - First cut at checking available disk space for etcd backup. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Block upgrade if targetting enterprise deployment type. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Change flannel registration default values (sbaubeau@redhat.com) - Remove empty notify section (sbaubeau@redhat.com) - Check etcd certs exist for flannel when its support is enabled (sbaubeau@redhat.com) - Fix when neither use_openshift_sdn nor use_flannel are specified (sbaubeau@redhat.com) - Generate etcd certificats for flannel when is not embedded (sbaubeau@redhat.com) - Add missing 2nd true parameters to default Jinja filter (sbaubeau@redhat.com) - Use 'command' module instead of 'shell' (sbaubeau@redhat.com) - Add flannel modules documentation (sbaubeau@redhat.com) - Only remove IPv4 address from docker bridge (sbaubeau@redhat.com) - Remove multiple use_flannel fact definition (sbaubeau@redhat.com) - Ensure openshift-sdn and flannel can't be used at the same time (sbaubeau@redhat.com) - Add flannel support (sbaubeau@redhat.com) * Wed Nov 04 2015 Kenny Woodson <kwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.7-1 - added the %util in zabbix (mwoodson@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Correct default playbook directory (smunilla@redhat.com) - Support for gce (kwoodson@redhat.com) - fixed a dumb naming mistake (mwoodson@redhat.com) - added disk tps checks to zabbix (mwoodson@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Correct inaccurate prompt (smunilla@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Add default openshift-ansible-playbook (smunilla@redhat.com) - ooinstall: Add check for nopwd sudo (smunilla@redhat.com) - ooinstall: Update local install check (smunilla@redhat.com) - oo-install: Support running on the host to be deployed (smunilla@redhat.com) - Moving to Openshift Etcd application (mmahut@redhat.com) - Add all the possible servicenames to openshift_all_hostnames for masters (sdodson@redhat.com) - Adding openshift.node.etcd items (mmahut@redhat.com) - Fix etcd cert generation when etcd_interface is defined (jdetiber@redhat.com) - get zabbix ready to start tracking status of pcp (jdiaz@redhat.com) - split inventory into subpackages (tdawson@redhat.com) - changed the cpu alert to only alert if cpu idle more than 5x. Change alert to warning (mwoodson@redhat.com) - Rename install_transactions module to openshift_ansible. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - atomic-openshift-installer: Text improvements (smunilla@redhat.com) - Add utils subpackage missing dep on openshift-ansible-roles. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Disable requiretty for only the openshift user (error@ioerror.us) - Don't require tty to run sudo (error@ioerror.us) - Attempt to remove the various interfaces left over from an install (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Pulling latest gce.py module from ansible (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Disable OpenShift features if installing Atomic Enterprise (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Use default playbooks if available. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add uninstall subcommand. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Add subcommands to CLI. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Remove images options in oadm command (nakayamakenjiro@gmail.com) * Fri Oct 30 2015 Kenny Woodson <kwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.6-1 - Adding python-boto and python-libcloud to openshift-ansible-inventory dependency (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Use more specific enterprise version for version_greater_than_3_1_or_1_1. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Conditionalizing the support for the v1beta3 api (bleanhar@redhat.com) * Thu Oct 29 2015 Kenny Woodson <kwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.5-1 - Updating multi_ec2 to support extra_vars and extra_groups (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Removing the template and doing to_nice_yaml instead (kwoodson@redhat.com) - README_AEP.md: update instructions for creating router and registry (jlebon@redhat.com) - README_AEP: Various fixes (walters@verbum.org) - Fixing for extra_vars rename. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - make storage_plugin_deps conditional on deployment_type (jdetiber@redhat.com) - remove debugging pauses (jdetiber@redhat.com) - make storage plugin dependency installation more flexible (jdetiber@redhat.com) - Install storage plugin dependencies (jdetiber@redhat.com) * Wed Oct 28 2015 Kenny Woodson <kwoodson@redhat.com> 3.0.4-1 - Removing spec files. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Updated example (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Automatic commit of package [openshift-ansible-inventory] release [0.0.11-1]. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Automatic commit of package [openshift-ansible-bin] release [0.0.21-1]. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Automatic commit of package [openshift-ansible-inventory] release [0.0.10-1]. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Automatic commit of package [openshift-ansible-bin] release [0.0.20-1]. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Adding tito releasers configuration (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Bug fixes for the uninstall playbook (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Adding clone vars and groups. Renamed hostvars to extra_vars. (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Start tracking docker info execution time (jdiaz@redhat.com) - The uninstall playbook should remove the kubeconfig for non-root installs (bleanhar@redhat.com) - Adding uninstall support for Atomic Host (bleanhar@redhat.com) - add examples for SDN configuration (jdetiber@redhat.com) * Tue Oct 27 2015 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.3-1 - Pylint fixes and ignores for incoming oo-install code. (dgoodwin@redhat.com) - Pylint fixes (abutcher@redhat.com) - Adding zabbix type and fixing zabbix agent vars (kwoodson@redhat.com) - Add atomic-openshift-utils add atomic-openshift-utils to openshift- ansible.spec file (tdawson@redhat.com) - Fix quotes (spinolacastro@gmail.com) - Use standard library for version comparison. (abutcher@redhat.com) - added docker info to the end of docker loop to direct lvm playbook. (twiest@redhat.com) - Add missing quotes (spinolacastro@gmail.com) - Adding Docker Log Options capabilities (epo@jemba.net) - Move version greater_than_fact into openshift_facts (abutcher@redhat.com) - Don't include proxy client cert when <3.1 or <1.1 (abutcher@redhat.com) - Add proxy client certs to master config. (abutcher@redhat.com) - Update imagestreams and quickstarts from origin (sdodson@redhat.com) - Get default values from openshift_facts (spinolacastro@gmail.com) - Cleanup (spinolacastro@gmail.com) - Add missing inventory example (spinolacastro@gmail.com) - Custom Project Config (spinolacastro@gmail.com) * Mon Oct 19 2015 Troy Dawson <tdawson@redhat.com> 3.0.2-1 - Initial Package