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Information for build openstack-packstack-2015.1-0.10.dev1608.g6447ff7.el7

Package Nameopenstack-packstack
SummaryOpenstack Install Utility
DescriptionPackstack is a utility that uses Puppet modules to install OpenStack. Packstack can be used to deploy various parts of OpenStack on multiple pre installed servers over ssh.
Built byapevec
State complete
StartedThu, 30 Jul 2015 18:39:26 UTC
CompletedThu, 30 Jul 2015 18:42:00 UTC
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Changelog * Thu Jul 30 2015 Lukas Bezdicka - 2015.1-0.10.dev1608.g6447ff7 - Add missing dependancy for pyOpenSSL * Mon Jul 20 2015 Iván Chavero <ichavero@redhat.com> - 2015.1-0.9.dev1608.g6447ff7 - [Neutron] Sync DB when neutron service is enabled (rhbz#1230199) - [Packstack] Spellchecking cleanup in prescript_000.py "pre installing" - [Cinder] Cinder NetApp 7-mode FC configuration - [Packstack] Spellchecking cleanup - Remove 0002-Spellchecking-cleanup-in-prescript_000.py-pre-instal.patch - Remove 0003-standardizing-on-Vserver-in-documentation-and-packst.patch - Remove 0004-Spellchecking-cleanup.patch * Tue Jun 30 2015 Gaël Chamoulaud <gchamoul@redhat.com> - 2015.1-0.8.dev1589.g1d6372f - [Keystone] Fix double slash in adminUrl - rhbz#1232343 - [Manila] Make sure Manila always run after Glance - [Packstack] Spelling correction for typo in prescript_ooo.py - [Packstack] Fix answer file duplicate values - [Sahara] Fix sahara template for qpid - [Neutron] Fix linuxbridge and switch it to ml2 plugin - Add 0002-Spellchecking-cleanup-in-prescript_000.py-pre-instal.patch - Add 0003-standardizing-on-Vserver-in-documentation-and-packst.patch - Add 0004-Spellchecking-cleanup.patch * Mon Jun 22 2015 Iván Chavero <ichavero@redhat.com> - 2015.1-0.7.dev1577.gc9f8c3c - [AMQP] ensure nssdb pw is set to undef if we don't use ssl - rhbz#1232648 - [Nagios] Fix 'File mode must be a string, not "Fixnum"' error - [Cinder] set correct backup_swift_url - rhbz#1232198 - [Packstack] Depend on package resource names - [Horizon] ensure horizon secret key stays same - [Nagios] rework packstack nagios puppet generation - [Neutron] Fix br-ext IP configuration * Thu Jun 18 2015 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng@lists.fedoraproject.org> - 2015.1-0.6.dev1565.gd1211af - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_23_Mass_Rebuild * Tue Jun 09 2015 Iván Chavero <ichavero@redhat.com> - 2015.1-0.5.dev1565.gd1211af - [Neutron] use correct iface addresses on tunnel firewall rules - rhbz#1215638 - [Apache] don't purge apache configs in prescript - [Apache] Fix apache module issues - [Packstack] Updated LDAP doc entries - [Packstack] Base force_interface on ipaddr instead of ipaddress - [Packstack] Add symbolic link for latest log dir - [Heat] Add processor process_string_nofloat - [Nova] Fix Nova Networking with Manila Generic Driver - [Nova] Fix instance metadata when not installing neutron - [Swift] temporary use ipv6 address without brackets - [memcached] fix memory consumption and add temporary IPv6 hack - [Provision] re-enable provisioning subnets with ipv6 - [Keystone] Unite keystone admin and public url configuration - [SSL] fix validate_writeable_directory - [KEYSTONE] Correctly switch all admin usernames to CONFIG_KEYSTONE_ADMIN_USERNAME - [Packstack] Refactor SSL setup to use CA to sign certificates - [Neutron] Correct value of $public_bridge_name - [Packstack] Add ability to enable rdo testing repo - [Neutron] Allow CIDR instead of iterface name - [Mongodb] Fix mongodb configuration * Wed Jun 03 2015 Alan Pevec <apevec@redhat.com> - 2015.1-0.4.dev1537.gba5183c - Add ability to enable rdo testing repo - rhbz#1218750 * Tue Jun 02 2015 Alan Pevec <apevec@redhat.com> - 2015.1-0.3.dev1537.gba5183c - Do not enable Keystone in httpd by default * Tue May 19 2015 Alan Pevec <apevec@redhat.com> - 2015.1-0.2.dev1537.gba5183c - Fix mongodb configuration * Sat May 02 2015 Alan Pevec <apevec@redhat.com> - 2015.1-0.1.dev1537.gba5183c - Kilo release * Mon Feb 23 2015 Martin Mágr <mmagr@redhat.com> - 2015.1-0.1.dev1484.g9bd9178 - Initial Kilo build