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Information for build buildah-0.3-4.gitb9b2a8a.el7

Package Namebuildah
SummaryA command line tool used for creating OCI Images
DescriptionThe buildah package provides a command line tool which can be used to * create a working container from scratch or * create a working container from an image as a starting point * mount/umount a working container's root file system for manipulation * save container's root file system layer to create a new image * delete a working container or an image
Built bylsm5
State complete
StartedFri, 11 Aug 2017 15:05:03 UTC
CompletedFri, 11 Aug 2017 15:08:33 UTC
Taskbuild (virt7-container-common-el7, buildah-0.3-4.gitb9b2a8a.el7.src.rpm)
buildah-0.3-4.gitb9b2a8a.el7.src.rpm (info) (download)
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buildah-0.3-4.gitb9b2a8a.el7.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Wed Aug 02 2017 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.3-4.gitb9b2a8a - Rebuilt for * Wed Jul 26 2017 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.3-3.gitb9b2a8a - Rebuilt for * Thu Jul 20 2017 Dan Walsh <> 0.3-2.gitb9b2a8a7e - Bump for inclusion of OCI 1.0 Runtime and Image Spec * Tue Jul 18 2017 Dan Walsh <> 0.2.0-1.gitac2aad6 - buildah run: Add support for -- ending options parsing - buildah Add/Copy support for glob syntax - buildah commit: Add flag to remove containers on commit - buildah push: Improve man page and help information - buildah run: add a way to disable PTY allocation - Buildah docs: clarify --runtime-flag of run command - Update to match newer storage and image-spec APIs - Update containers/storage and containers/image versions - buildah export: add support - buildah images: update commands - buildah images: Add JSON output option - buildah rmi: update commands - buildah containers: Add JSON output option - buildah version: add command - buildah run: Handle run without an explicit command correctly - Ensure volume points get created, and with perms - buildah containers: Add a -a/--all option * Wed Jun 14 2017 Dan Walsh <> 0.1.0-2.git597d2ab9 - Release Candidate 1 - All features have now been implemented. * Fri Apr 14 2017 Dan Walsh <> 0.0.1-1.git7a0a5333 - First package for Fedora