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Information for build libvirt-6.0.0-17.el8

Package Namelibvirt
SummaryLibrary providing a simple virtualization API
DescriptionLibvirt is a C toolkit to interact with the virtualization capabilities of recent versions of Linux (and other OSes). The main package includes the libvirtd server exporting the virtualization support.
Built bydanilocesar
State complete
StartedMon, 11 May 2020 19:47:41 UTC
CompletedMon, 11 May 2020 20:06:34 UTC
Taskbuild (virt8-advanced-virtualization-el8, libvirt-6.0.0-17.el8.src.rpm)
libvirt-6.0.0-17.el8.src.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-admin-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-bash-completion-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-client-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-config-network-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-config-nwfilter-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-interface-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-network-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-nodedev-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-nwfilter-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-secret-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-core-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-disk-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-gluster-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-direct-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-logical-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-mpath-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-scsi-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-kvm-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-devel-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-docs-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-libs-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-lock-sanlock-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-nss-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-admin-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-client-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-interface-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-network-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-nodedev-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-nwfilter-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-secret-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-core-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-disk-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-gluster-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-direct-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-logical-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-mpath-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-scsi-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-debugsource-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-libs-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-lock-sanlock-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-nss-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.aarch64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-admin-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-bash-completion-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-client-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-config-network-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-config-nwfilter-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-interface-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-network-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-nodedev-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-nwfilter-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-secret-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-core-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-disk-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-gluster-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-direct-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-logical-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-mpath-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-scsi-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-kvm-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-devel-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-docs-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-libs-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-lock-sanlock-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-nss-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-admin-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-client-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-interface-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-network-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-nodedev-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-nwfilter-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-secret-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-core-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-disk-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-gluster-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-direct-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-logical-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-mpath-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-scsi-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-debugsource-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-libs-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-lock-sanlock-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-nss-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.ppc64le.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-admin-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-bash-completion-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-client-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-config-network-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-config-nwfilter-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-interface-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-network-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-nodedev-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-nwfilter-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-secret-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-core-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-disk-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-gluster-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-direct-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-logical-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-mpath-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-scsi-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-kvm-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-devel-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-docs-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-libs-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-lock-sanlock-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-nss-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-admin-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-client-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-interface-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-network-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-nodedev-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-nwfilter-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-secret-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-core-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-disk-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-gluster-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-direct-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-logical-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-mpath-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-scsi-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-debugsource-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-libs-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-lock-sanlock-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
libvirt-nss-debuginfo-6.0.0-17.el8.x86_64.rpm (info) (download)
Changelog * Wed Apr 08 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-17 - qemuDomainSnapshotDiskPrepareOne: Fix logic of relative backing store update (rhbz#1820016) - qemuCheckpointCreateXML: Check VM liveness first (rhbz#1819755) - qemu: checkpoint: Allow checkpoint redefine for offline VMs (rhbz#1819755) - virDomainCheckpointRedefinePrep: Set 'current' checkpoint if there isn't any (rhbz#1819755) * Mon Mar 30 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-16 - api: disallow virDomainAgentSetResponseTimeout() on read-only connections (rhbz#1814508) - qemuBackupBegin: Fix monitor access when rolling back due to failure (rhbz#1817327) - qemuxml2xmltest: Wire up 'disk-network-http' case (rhbz#1804750) - virStorageSourceNetCookieValidate: Accept quoted cookie value (rhbz#1804750) - qemu: block: Support VIR_DOMAIN_BLOCK_COMMIT/PULL/REBASE_RELATIVE with blockdev (rhbz#1818655) - qemuDomainSnapshotDiskPrepareOne: Don't load the relative path with blockdev (rhbz#1818655) - docs: formatdomain: Mention missing protocols (rhbz#1804750) - schemas: rng: Use interleave in the disk source element (rhbz#1804750) - conf: Add support for http(s) query strings (rhbz#1804750) - qemuBlockStorageSourceGetURI: Pass through query component (rhbz#1804750) - virStorageSourceParseBackingURI: Preserve query string of URI for http(s) (rhbz#1804750) * Wed Mar 25 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-15 - qemublocktest: Backport cleanups for testQemuDiskXMLToProps from dd94f36ffbe (rhbz#1804617) - conf: rename 'namespace' property of struct _virStorageSourceNVMeDef (rhbz#1804617) - qemublocktest: xml->json: Add test for NVMe (rhbz#1804617) - virDomainDiskSourceNVMeFormat: Format only valid 'managed' values (rhbz#1804617) - qemublocktest: xml->json: Refactor cleanup in test case functions (rhbz#1804617) - testQemuDiskXMLToPropsValidateFileSrcOnly: Move together with rest of xml->json code (rhbz#1804617) - qemuBlockGetBackingStoreString: Add 'pretty' argument (rhbz#1804617) - testQemuDiskXMLToProps: Store all per-image data in one structure (rhbz#1804617) - qemublocktest: Test backing store strings (rhbz#1804617) - qemuBlockGetBackingStoreString: Remove 'ret' variable (rhbz#1804617) - storage: Implement backing store support for "fat:" prefix (rhbz#1804617) - qemuBlockGetBackingStoreString: Add extra wrapping object to JSON strings (rhbz#1804617) - qemu: block: Extract formatting of cookie string (rhbz#1804617) - qemuBlockGetBackingStoreString: Properly handle 'http/s' with cookies and others (rhbz#1804617) - storage: Parse 'nvme' disk source properties from json:{} pseudo-uri (rhbz#1804617) - qemu: virtiofs: shorten pid filename (rhbz#1816577) - qemu: virtiofs: shorten socket filename (rhbz#1816577) * Fri Mar 20 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-14 - qemu: Don't crash when getting targets for a multipath (rhbz#1814947) - virSecretLookupDefCopy: Remove return value (rhbz#1814923) - virStorageEncryptionSecretCopy: Properly copy internals (rhbz#1814923) - vmx: shortcut earlier few 'ignore' cases in virVMXParseDisk() (rhbz#1808610) - vmx: make 'fileName' optional for CD-ROMs (rhbz#1808610) * Wed Mar 18 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-13 - qemu: Create multipath targets for PRs (rhbz#1814157) * Tue Mar 17 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-12 - qemuBlockBitmapsHandleCommitStart: Fix allocation of string list (rhbz#1799013) - qemuBlockBitmapsHandleCommitFinish: Use proper variable to iterate (rhbz#1799013) - qemublocktest: Add tests for re-enabling of bitmaps after commit (rhbz#1799013) * Tue Mar 17 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-11 - virbuftest: remove extra G_GNUC_UNUSED markers (rhbz#1808499) - virbuftest: use g_autofree (rhbz#1808499) - virbuftest: remove unnecessary labels (rhbz#1808499) - virbuftest: declare testBufAddStrData earlier (rhbz#1808499) - virbuftest: use field names when initalizing test info (rhbz#1808499) - util: add virBufferTrimChars (rhbz#1808499) - conf: do not generate machine names ending with a dash (rhbz#1808499) - conf: Don't generate machine names with a dot (rhbz#1808499) - qemuAgentFSInfoFormatParams: Remove pointless returned value (rhbz#1812965) - qemuDomainGetGuestInfo: Don't try to free a negative number of entries (rhbz#1812965) - qemuDomainBlockPivot: Move check prior to executing the pivot steps (rhbz#1803092) - qemuDomainBlockCopyCommon: Record updated flags to block job (rhbz#1803092) - qemu: capabilities: Introduce QEMU_CAPS_BLOCKDEV_SNAPSHOT_ALLOW_WRITE_ONLY (rhbz#1803092) - qemu: blockcopy: Allow late opening of the backing chain of a shallow copy (rhbz#1803092) - qemuBlockStorageSourceDetachPrepare: Get rid of cleanup section (rhbz#1804750) - qemu: Don't take double pointer in qemuDomainSecretInfoFree (rhbz#1804750) - qemuMigrationParamsResetTLS: Adapt to modern memory management (rhbz#1804750) - qemuMigrationParamsResetTLS: Fix comment (rhbz#1804750) - qemuDomainSecretInfo: Register autoptr cleanup function (rhbz#1804750) - qemuDomainSecretAESSetup: Automatically free non-secret locals (rhbz#1804750) - qemuDomainSecretAESSetup: Allocate and return 'secinfo' here (rhbz#1804750) - qemuDomainSecretAESSetup: Split out lookup of secret data (rhbz#1804750) - Remove qemuDomainSecretInfoNew (rhbz#1804750) - qemu: Introduce another helper for creating alias for a 'secret' object (rhbz#1804750) - qemuDomainSecretStorageSourcePrepare: Fix naming of alias variables (rhbz#1804750) - qemuDomainDeviceDiskDefPostParseRestoreSecAlias: Hardcode restored aliases (rhbz#1804750) - qemu: Split out initialization of secrets for 'iscsi' hostdevs (rhbz#1804750) - qemuDomainSecretAESSetupFromSecret: Use 'qemuAliasForSecret' (rhbz#1804750) - qemuDomainSecretStorageSourcePrepare: Change aliases for disk secrets (rhbz#1804750) - qemuDomainGetSecretAESAlias: Replace outstanding uses with qemuAliasForSecret (rhbz#1804750) - conf: Add support for modifying ssl validation for https/ftps disks (rhbz#1804750) - conf: Add support for cookies for HTTP based disks (rhbz#1804750) - conf: Add support for setting timeout and readahead size for network disks (rhbz#1804750) - qemuDomainValidateStorageSource: Validate new network storage parameters (rhbz#1804750) - qemuxml2argvtest: Add test case for disks with http(s) source (rhbz#1804750) - qemu: block: Implement ssl verification configuration (rhbz#1804750) - qemu: domain: Store data for 'secret' object representing http cookies (rhbz#1804750) - qemuDomainSecretStorageSourcePrepare: Setup secret for http cookies (rhbz#1804750) - qemu: Handle hotplug and commandline for secret objects for http cookies (rhbz#1804750) - qemu: block: Add support for HTTP cookies (rhbz#1804750) - qemu: block: Implement readahead and timeout properties for 'curl' driver (rhbz#1804750) - virstoragefile: Add JSON parser for 'sslverify', 'readahead', 'cookies' and 'timeout' (rhbz#1804750) - virStorageSourceParseBackingJSONUri: Handle undocumented value 'off' for sslverify (rhbz#1804750) - qemublocktest: Load QMP schema earlier (rhbz#1804750) - qemublocktest: Extract schema root for blockdev-add validation (rhbz#1804750) - qemublocktest: XMLjsonXML: Test formatting/parsing of modern JSON (rhbz#1804750) - qemublocktest: Add JSON->JSON test cases for block device backends (rhbz#1804750) - qemu: Pass through arguments of 'ssh' block driver used by libguestfs (rhbz#1804750) - qemu: capabilities: Add QEMU_CAPS_BLOCKDEV_REOPEN (rhbz#1799013) - qemu: monitor: Add handler for blockdev-reopen (rhbz#1799013) - qemu: block: implement helpers for blockdev-reopen (rhbz#1799013) - qemuCheckpointDiscardBitmaps: Reopen images for bitmap modifications (rhbz#1799013) - qemuCheckpointDiscardBitmaps: Use correct field for checkpoint bitmap name (rhbz#1799013) - qemuDomainBlockCommit: Move checks depending on capabilities after liveness check (rhbz#1799013) - qemu: domain: Extract formatting of 'commit' blockjob data into a function (rhbz#1799013) - qemu: domain: Extract parsing of 'commit' blockjob data into a function (rhbz#1799013) - qemu: blockjob: Store list of bitmaps disabled prior to commit (rhbz#1799013) - qemublocktest: Fix and optimize fake image chain (rhbz#1799013) - qemu: block: Implement helpers for dealing with bitmaps during block commit (rhbz#1799013) - qemublocktest: Add tests for handling of bitmaps during block-commit (rhbz#1799013) - qemublocktest: Add more tests for block-commit bitmap handling with snapshots (rhbz#1799013) - qemublocktest: Add tests of broken bitmap chain handling during block-commit (rhbz#1799013) - qemuBlockJobDiskNewCommit: Propagate 'disabledBitmapsBase' (rhbz#1799013) - qemuDomainBlockCommit: Handle bitmaps on start of commit (rhbz#1799013) - qemuDomainBlockPivot: Handle merging of bitmaps when pivoting an active block-commit (rhbz#1799013) - qemu: blockjob: Handle bitmaps after finish of normal block-commit (rhbz#1799013) - qemu: blockjob: Re-enable bitmaps after failed block-commit (rhbz#1799013) - qemuDomainGetGuestInfo: don't assign NULL hostname (rhbz#1812965) - rhel: Enable usage of x-blockdev-reopen (rhbz#1799013) * Tue Mar 10 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-10 - security: Introduce VIR_SECURITY_DOMAIN_IMAGE_PARENT_CHAIN_TOP flag (rhbz#1803551) - qemu: Tell secdrivers which images are top parent (rhbz#1803551) - virDomainDiskTranslateSourcePool: Check for disk type correctly (rhbz#1811728) * Fri Mar 06 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-9 - conf: use virXMLFormatElement in virDomainFSDefFormat (rhbz#1694166) - qemu: use def instead of vm->def in qemuExtDevicesStart (rhbz#1694166) - qemu: eliminate ret in qemuExtDevicesStart (rhbz#1694166) - docs: render class="literal" with monospace font (rhbz#1694166) - docs: reduce excessive spacing in ToC for RST files (rhbz#1694166) - virDomainFSDefFree: Unref private data (rhbz#1694166) - schema: wrap fsDriver in a choice group (rhbz#1694166) - qemuExtDevicesStart: pass logManager (rhbz#1694166) - qemu: pass virDomainObjPtr to qemuExtDevicesSetupCgroup (rhbz#1694166) - qemuxml2xmltest: set driver as privileged (rhbz#1694166) - qemu: add QEMU_CAPS_DEVICE_VHOST_USER_FS (rhbz#1694166) - docs: add virtiofs kbase (rhbz#1694166) - conf: qemu: add virtiofs fsdriver type (rhbz#1694166) - conf: add virtiofs-related elements and attributes (rhbz#1694166) - qemu: add virtiofsd_debug to qemu.conf (rhbz#1694166) - qemu: validate virtiofs filesystems (rhbz#1694166) - qemu: forbid migration with vhost-user-fs device (rhbz#1694166) - qemu: add code for handling virtiofsd (rhbz#1694166) - qemu: put virtiofsd in the emulator cgroup (rhbz#1694166) - qemu: use the vhost-user schemas to find binary (rhbz#1694166) - qemu: build vhost-user-fs device command line (rhbz#1694166) - RHEL: virscsi: Check device type before getting it's /dev node name (rhbz#1808390) - RHEL: virscsi: Support TAPEs in virSCSIDeviceGetDevName() (rhbz#1808390) - RHEL: virscsi: Introduce and use virSCSIDeviceGetUnprivSGIOSysfsPath() (rhbz#1808390) - RHEL: virutil: Accept non-block devices in virGetDeviceID() (rhbz#1808390) - RHEL: qemuSetUnprivSGIO: Actually use calculated @sysfs_path to set unpriv_sgio (rhbz#1808390) - RHEL: qemuCheckUnprivSGIO: use @sysfs_path to get unpriv_sgio (rhbz#1808400) * Thu Mar 05 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-8 - util: storagefile: Drop image format probing by file suffix (rhbz#1798148) - virStorageFileGetMetadataRecurse: Remove impossible error report (rhbz#1798148) - virStorageFileGetMetadataRecurse: Shuffle around assignment of backing chain depth (rhbz#1798148) - virStorageFileGetMetadataRecurse: Expect NULL src->path (rhbz#1798148) - virStorageFileGetMetadataRecurse: Use virHashHasEntry instead of fake pointers (rhbz#1798148) - virStorageFileGetMetadataRecurse: Extract storage access (rhbz#1798148) - virStorageFileGetMetadataRecurse: Remove 'cleanup' label (rhbz#1798148) - tests: virstorage: Fix backing file format of created image (rhbz#1798148) - virStorageSourceUpdateCapacity: Drop 'probe' argument (rhbz#1798148) - util: storage: Store backing store format in virStorageSource (rhbz#1798148) - virStorageSourceNewFromBacking: Also transfer the format (rhbz#1798148) - virStorageBackendGlusterRefreshVol: Refactor handling of backing store (rhbz#1798148) - virStorageFileGetMetadataFromBuf: Remove 'backingFormat' argument (rhbz#1798148) - virStorageFileGetMetadataFromFD: Remove unused 'backingFormat' argument (rhbz#1798148) - qemu: domain: Convert detected 'iso' image format into 'raw' (rhbz#1798148) - virStorageFileGetMetadataRecurse: Allow format probing under special circumstances (rhbz#1798148) - kbase: backing_chains: Clarify some aspects of image probing (rhbz#1798148) - kbase: backing_chains: Add steps how to securely probe image format (rhbz#1798148) * Tue Feb 25 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-7 - docs: fix a typo (rhbz#1805742) - virDomainNetDefClear: Free @persistent name (rhbz#1805742) - virSecurityManagerMetadataLock: Store locked paths (rhbz#1804672) - security: Don't remember seclabel for paths we haven't locked successfully (rhbz#1804672) - security: Don't fail if locking a file on NFS mount fails (rhbz#1804672) * Fri Feb 21 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-6 - qemuBlockStorageSourceGetBackendProps: Report errors on all switch cases (rhbz#1804603) - virDomainDiskAddISCSIPoolSourceHost: Sanitize handling of string list (rhbz#1804603) - virDomainDiskAddISCSIPoolSourceHost: use g_new0 instead of VIR_ALLOC_N (rhbz#1804603) - virDomainDiskAddISCSIPoolSourceHost: Remove 'cleanup' label (rhbz#1804603) - virDomainDiskAddISCSIPoolSourceHost: Remove ternary operator (rhbz#1804603) - virDomainDiskAddISCSIPoolSourceHost: Take virStorageSourcePtr instead of virDomainDiskDefPtr (rhbz#1804603) - virDomainDiskTranslateSourcePoolAuth: Take virStorageSourcePtr instead of virDomainDiskDefPtr (rhbz#1804603) - virDomainDiskTranslateISCSIDirect: Take virStorageSourcePtr instead of virDomainDiskDefPtr (rhbz#1804603) - virDomainDiskTranslateSourcePool: split code to setup one storage source (rhbz#1804603) - virDomainDiskTranslateSourcePool: Translate 'volume' disks in whole backing chain (rhbz#1804603) - qemuMonitorJSONBlockdevAdd: Refactor cleanup (rhbz#1798366) - qemuMonitorJSONBlockdevDel: Refactor cleanup (rhbz#1798366) - qemuMonitorBlockdevAdd: Take double pointer argument (rhbz#1798366) - qemu: hotplug: Fix handling of the 'copy-on-read' layer with blockdev (rhbz#1798366) - virStorageSourceParseBackingJSON: Pass around original backing file string (rhbz#1791788) - virStorageSourceParseBackingJSON: Move deflattening of json: URIs out of recursion (rhbz#1791788) - virStorageSourceJSONDriverParser: annotate 'format' drivers (rhbz#1791788) - virStorageSourceParseBackingJSON: Allow 'json:' pseudo URIs without 'file' wrapper (rhbz#1791788) - virStorageSourceParseBackingJSON: Prevent arbitrary nesting with format drivers (rhbz#1791788) - tests: virstorage: Add test cases for "json:" pseudo-URI without 'file' wrapper (rhbz#1791788) - qemu: domain: Refactor formatting of node names into status XML (rhbz#1791788) - docs: formatdomain: Close <source> on one of disk examples (rhbz#1791788) - tests: virstorage: Add test data for json specified raw image with offset/size (rhbz#1791788) - util: virstoragefile: Add data structure for storing storage source slices (rhbz#1791788) - qemuBlockStorageSourceGetFormatRawProps: format 'offset' and 'size' for slice (rhbz#1791788) - qemuDomainValidateStorageSource: Reject unsupported slices (rhbz#1791788) - qemu: block: forbid creation of storage sources with <slice> (rhbz#1791788) - docs: Document the new <slices> sub-element of disk's <source> (rhbz#1791788) - conf: Implement support for <slices> of disk source (rhbz#1791788) - qemu: domain: Store nodenames of slice in status XML (rhbz#1791788) - qemu: block: Properly format storage slice into backing store strings (rhbz#1791788) - tests: qemublock: Add cases for creating image overlays on top of disks with <slice> (rhbz#1791788) - qemu: Add support for slices of type 'storage' (rhbz#1791788) - tests: qemu: Add test data for the new <slice> element (rhbz#1791788) - virStorageSourceParseBackingJSONRaw: Parse 'offset' and 'size' attributes (rhbz#1791788) - qemuDomainGetStatsIOThread: Don't leak array with 0 iothreads (rhbz#1804548) - qemuxml2xmltest: Add case for host-model vendor_id (rhbz#1804549) - cpu_conf: Format vendor_id for host-model CPUs (rhbz#1804549) - qemu: rename qemuAgentGetFSInfoInternalDisk() (rhbz#1759566) - qemu: store complete agent filesystem information (rhbz#1759566) - qemu: Don't store disk alias in qemuAgentDiskInfo (rhbz#1759566) - qemu: don't access vmdef within qemu_agent.c (rhbz#1759566) - qemu: remove qemuDomainObjBegin/EndJobWithAgent() (rhbz#1759566) * Mon Feb 17 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-5 - qemu: do not revert to NULL bandwidth (rhbz#1800505) - qemu: preserve error on bandwidth rollback (rhbz#1800505) - tests: Add capabilities for QEMU 5.0.0 on aarch64 (rhbz#1762634) - qemu: Use switch statement in qemuBuildCpuCommandLine() (rhbz#1762634) - qemu: Add the QEMU_CAPS_CPU_KVM_NO_ADJVTIME capability (rhbz#1762634) - conf: Introduce VIR_DOMAIN_TIMER_NAME_ARMVTIMER (rhbz#1762634) - qemu: Validate configuration for the armvtimer timer (rhbz#1762634) - qemu: Format the armvtimer timer on the command line (rhbz#1762634) - tests: Add test case for the armvtimer timer (rhbz#1762634) - docs: List the armvtimer timer among all others (rhbz#1762634) - qemu_domain: Modify access to a NVMe disk iff needed (rhbz#1519005) * Wed Feb 05 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-4 - qemu: blockcopy: Actually unplug unused images when mirror job fails to start (rhbz#1792195) - qemu: domain: Extract code to determine topmost nodename to qemuDomainDiskGetTopNodename (rhbz#1792195) - qemu: Fix value of 'device' argument for blockdev-mirror (rhbz#1792195) - qemu: Fix value of 'device' argument for block-commit (rhbz#1792195) - conf: backup: Allow configuration of names exported via NBD (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: backup: Implement support for backup disk export name configuration (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: backup: Implement support for backup disk bitmap name configuration (rhbz#1207659) - util: hash: Improve debugability of "Duplicate key" error message (rhbz#1207659) - tests: hash: Test case for adding duplicate hash entry (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: block: Don't skip creation of 'luks' formatted images (rhbz#1371022) - qemu: monitor: Improve error message when QEMU reply is too large (rhbz#1524278) - qemu: snapshot: Always rewrite backingStore data when reusing existing images (rhbz#1524278) - qemu: snapshot: Prevent too-nested domain XML when doing inactive snapshot (rhbz#1524278) - qemu: checkpoint: Store whether deleted checkpoint is current in a variable (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: checkpoint: split out checkpoint deletion bitmaps (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: checkpoint: rename disk->chkdisk in qemuCheckpointDiscardBitmaps (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: checkpoint: rename disk->chkdisk in qemuCheckpointAddActions (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: checkpoint: Use disk definition directly when creating checkpoint (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: checkpoint: tolerate missing disks on checkpoint deletion (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: domain: Remove unused qemuDomainDiskNodeFormatLookup (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: checkpoint: Introduce helper to find checkpoint disk definition in parents (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: checkpoint: Extract calculation of bitmap merging for checkpoint deletion (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: snapshot: go through cleanup on error (rhbz#1524278) - util: hash: Use g_new0 for allocating hash internals (rhbz#1793263) - conf: domain: Remove checking of return value of virHashCreateFull (rhbz#1793263) - Remove checking of return value of virHashNew (rhbz#1793263) - qemuMigrationCookieAddNBD: Exit early if there are no disks (rhbz#1793263) - qemuMigrationCookieNBD: Extract embedded struct (rhbz#1793263) - qemuMigrationCookieAddNBD: Use glib memory allocators (rhbz#1793263) - qemuMigrationCookieAddNBD: Move monitor call out of the loop (rhbz#1793263) - qemuMigrationCookieAddNBD: Use virHashNew and automatic freeing of virHashTablePtr (rhbz#1793263) - qemuMigrationCookieAddNBD: Remove 'ret' variable and 'cleanup' label (rhbz#1793263) - qemuMigrationCookieAddNBD: Fix filling of 'capacity' when blockdev is used (rhbz#1793263) - tests: qemublock: Add test for checkpoint deletion bitmap merge (rhbz#1207659) - tests: qemublock: Add few more test cases for checkpoint deletion (rhbz#1207659) - tests: qemublock: Add synthetic snapshot+checkpoint test data (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: checkpoint: Introduce support for deleting checkpoints accross snapshots (rhbz#1207659) - tests: qemublock: Add checkpoint deletion test for deep backing chain (rhbz#1207659) - tests: qemublock: Add checkpoint deletion tests for some special cases (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: checkpoint: Track and relabel images for bitmap merging (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: block: Extract calls of qemuBlockGetNamedNodeData into a helper function (rhbz#1207659) - util: json: Introduce virJSONValueArrayConcat (rhbz#1207659) - virJSONValueNewArray: Use g_new0 to allocate and remove NULL checks from callers (rhbz#1207659) - virhash: Fix the expectations of virHashKeyEqual implementations (rhbz#1207659) - virHashAddOrUpdateEntry: Simplify allocation of new entry (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: blockjob: Store 'jobflags' with block job data (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: blockjob: Store 'flags' for all the block job types (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: block: Add validator for bitmap chains accross backing chains (rhbz#1207659) - tests: qemublocktest: Add another synthetic test case for broken bitmaps (rhbz#1207659) - qemu: block: Introduce function to calculate bitmap handling for block-copy (rhbz#1207659) - tests: qemublock: Add tests for qemuBlockBitmapsHandleBlockcopy (rhbz#1207659) - qemuDomainBlockPivot: Copy bitmaps backing checkpoints for virDomainBlockCopy (rhbz#1207659) - docs: domaincaps: Mention VIR_DOMAIN_UNDEFINE_CHECKPOINTS_METADATA (rhbz#1207659) * Tue Feb 04 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-3 - cpu.c: Check properly for virCapabilitiesGetNodeInfo() retval (rhbz#1794691) - qemu_conf: Avoid dereferencing NULL in virQEMUDriverGetHost{NUMACaps, CPU} (rhbz#1794691) - qemu_capabilities: Rework domain caps cache (rhbz#1794691) - conf: add support for specifying CPU "dies" parameter (rhbz#1785211, rhbz#1785207) - conf: remove unused virCapabilitiesSetHostCPU method (rhbz#1785211, rhbz#1785207) - qemu: add support for specifying CPU "dies" topology parameter (rhbz#1785207) - hostcpu: add support for reporting die_id in NUMA topology (rhbz#1785211) - tests: add host CPU data files for validating die_id (rhbz#1785211, rhbz#1785207) - qemu: add capabilities flag for failover feature (rhbz#1693587) - conf: parse/format <teaming> subelement of <interface> (rhbz#1693587) - qemu: support interface <teaming> functionality (rhbz#1693587) - qemu: allow migration with assigned PCI hostdev if <teaming> is set (rhbz#1693587) - qemu: add wait-unplug to qemu migration status enum (rhbz#1693587) - docs: document <interface> subelement <teaming> (rhbz#1693587) * Tue Jan 21 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-2 - qemuDomainSaveImageStartVM: Use VIR_AUTOCLOSE for @intermediatefd (rhbz#1718707) - qemuDomainSaveImageStartVM: Use g_autoptr() for virCommand (rhbz#1718707) - qemu: Use g_autoptr() for qemuDomainSaveCookie (rhbz#1718707) - qemu: Stop domain on failed restore (rhbz#1718707) - qemu: Don't emit SUSPENDED_POSTCOPY event on destination (rhbz#1791458) - util: storagefile: Properly set transport type when parsing NBD strings (rhbz#1791614) - tests: virstorage: Add tests for NBD URI style syntax over UNIX (rhbz#1791614) - qemu: end the agent job in qemuDomainSetTimeAgent (rhbz#1792723) * Wed Jan 15 2020 Jiri Denemark <> - 6.0.0-1 - Rebased to libvirt-6.0.0 (rhbz#1772045) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#1711789, rhbz#1717396, rhbz#1778058, rhbz#1008350, rhbz#1610207 rhbz#1746981, rhbz#1776949, rhbz#1780154, rhbz#1781079, rhbz#1783411 rhbz#1784345, rhbz#1788850, rhbz#1788898, rhbz#1789310, rhbz#1790733 * Tue Dec 17 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.10.0-2 - qemu: driver: Use appropriate job name when setting blockjob speed (rhbz#1780497) * Tue Dec 03 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.10.0-1 - Rebased to libvirt-5.10.0 (rhbz#1772045) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#760547, rhbz#1171569, rhbz#1371022, rhbz#1375855, rhbz#1405537 rhbz#1451398, rhbz#1465810, rhbz#1518998, rhbz#1518999, rhbz#1582202 rhbz#1598162, rhbz#1609654, rhbz#1614740, rhbz#1623877, rhbz#1662024 rhbz#1668139, rhbz#1705426, rhbz#1718255, rhbz#1741121, rhbz#1774375 rhbz#1777094, rhbz#1777230, rhbz#1778014, rhbz#1778570 * Thu Nov 21 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.9.0-4 - libvirt-<module>: Check caller-provided buffers to be NULL with size > 0 (rhbz#1772842) * Wed Nov 20 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.9.0-3 - cpu_map: Ship arm_features.xml (rhbz#1707897) * Thu Nov 14 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.9.0-2 - tests: Update capabilities for QEMU 4.2.0 on aarch64 (rhbz#1707897) - qemu: Rename virQEMUCapsObjectPropsMaxX86CPU (rhbz#1707897) - qemu: Introduce QEMU_CAPS_ARM_MAX_CPU (rhbz#1707897) - qemu: Query max-arm-cpu properties (rhbz#1707897) - qemu: Update query-cpu-model-expansion check (rhbz#1707897) - qemu: Perform full expansion on ARM (rhbz#1707897) - cpu_map: Introduce ARM CPU features (rhbz#1707897) - cpu: Validate ARM CPU features (rhbz#1707897) - qemu: Validate ARM CPU features (rhbz#1707897) - tests: Introduce tests for ARM CPU features (rhbz#1707897) * Wed Nov 13 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.9.0-1 - Rebased to libvirt-5.9.0 (rhbz#1772045) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#1515831, rhbz#1704761, rhbz#1704763, rhbz#1704764, rhbz#1704779 rhbz#1705514, rhbz#1705516, rhbz#1705517, rhbz#1705519, rhbz#1705520 rhbz#1733044, rhbz#1733092, rhbz#1524278, rhbz#1662588, rhbz#1720612 rhbz#1733163, rhbz#1743177, rhbz#1744924, rhbz#1745815, rhbz#1746274 rhbz#1746617, rhbz#1747826, rhbz#1751461, rhbz#1751580, rhbz#1619625 rhbz#1755803 * Mon Oct 21 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.6.0-7 - qemu_blockjob: Remove secdriver metadata for whole backing chain on job completion (rhbz#1741456) - qemu_driver: Fix comment of qemuStateCleanup() (rhbz#1755303) - driver: Introduce virDriverShouldAutostart() (rhbz#1755303) - lib: autostart objects exactly once (rhbz#1755303) - Revert "src: Document autostart for session demon" (rhbz#1755303) - security: Pass @migrated to virSecurityManagerSetAllLabel (rhbz#1740024) - security: Rename virSecurityManagerGetDriver() to virSecurityManagerGetVirtDriver() (rhbz#1740024) - security: Introduce virSecurityManagerGetDriver() (rhbz#1740024) - security_stack: Turn list of nested drivers into a doubly linked list (rhbz#1740024) - security_stack: Perform rollback if one of stacked drivers fails (rhbz#1740024) - util: new function virNetDevMacVLanIsMacvtap() (rhbz#1723367) - util: make a couple virNetDevMacVlan*() functions public (rhbz#1723367) - qemu: reorganize qemuInterfaceEthernetConnect() (rhbz#1723367) - conf: use virXMLFormatElement for interface <target> (rhbz#1723367) - conf: new "managed" attribute for target dev of <interface type='ethernet'> (rhbz#1723367) - qemu: support unmanaged target tap dev for <interface type='ethernet'> (rhbz#1723367) - qemu: support unmanaged macvtap devices with <interface type='ethernet'> (rhbz#1723367) * Thu Sep 19 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.6.0-6 - remote: fix registration of TLS socket (rhbz#1752837) * Mon Sep 16 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.6.0-5 - vircgroupv2: fix setting cpu.max period (rhbz#1749247) * Wed Sep 04 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.6.0-4 - src: security: Replace bitwise OR with logical OR (rhbz#1740024) - security_util: Use more VIR_AUTOFREE() (rhbz#1740024) - security_util: Document virSecurityMoveRememberedLabel (rhbz#1740024) - security: Don't increase XATTRs refcounter on failure (rhbz#1740024) - util: Introduce virhostuptime (rhbz#1741140) - security_util: Remove stale XATTRs (rhbz#1741140) - security_util: verify xattrs only if ref is present (rhbz#1741140) - virSecuritySELinuxSetFileconImpl: Drop @optional argument (rhbz#1740506) - security_selinux: Drop virSecuritySELinuxSetFileconOptional() (rhbz#1740506) - security_selinux: Drop @optional from _virSecuritySELinuxContextItem (rhbz#1740506) - security_selinux: Drop virSecuritySELinuxSetFileconHelper (rhbz#1740506) - security_selinux: Play nicely with network FS that only emulates SELinux (rhbz#1740506) - qemu_blockjob: Print image path on failed security metadata move too (rhbz#1741456) - qemu_blockjob: Remove secdriver metadata more frequently (rhbz#1741456) - vircgroupv2: fix abort in VIR_AUTOFREE (rhbz#1747482) * Fri Aug 30 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.6.0-3 - vircgroupv2: fix parsing multiple values in single file (rhbz#1734353) - vircgroupv2: fix virCgroupV2GetCpuCfsQuota for "max" value (rhbz#1735740) - network: fix ability to use openvswitch with vlans (rhbz#1739554) - remote: use Wants instead of Requires for libvirtd sockets (rhbz#1741403) - remote: move timeout arg into sysconf file (rhbz#1741403) - remote: forbid the --listen arg when systemd socket activation (rhbz#1741403) - rpm: don't enable socket activation in upgrade if --listen present (rhbz#1741403) - qemuBuildHotpluggableCPUProps: use VIR_RETURN_PTR (rhbz#1741658) - qemu: Extract and store vCPU properties as qemu returned them (rhbz#1741658) - qemu: command: Use all vCPU properties when creating args for vCPU hotplug (rhbz#1741658) - qemu: alias: Generate 'qomName' of disk with useraliases (rhbz#1741838) * Mon Aug 19 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.6.0-2 - Revert "tpm: Check TPM XML device configuration changes after edit" (rhbz#1739338) - qemu: Clarify error message in qemuMigrationSrcIsSafe (rhbz#1660575) - qemu: Check for drop-cache capability (rhbz#1660575) - qemu: Allow migration with disk cache on (rhbz#1660575) - qemu: Pass qemuCaps to qemuDomainDefCopy (rhbz#1741796) - qemu: Pass qemuCaps to qemuDomainDefFormatBufInternal (rhbz#1741796) - qemu: Pass qemuCaps to qemuDomainSaveImageOpen (rhbz#1741796) - qemu: Pass qemuCaps to qemuMigrationAnyPrepareDef (rhbz#1741796) - qemu: Pass correct qemuCaps to virDomainDefParseString (rhbz#1741796) - qemu: Pass qemuCaps to qemuMigrationCookieXMLParse (rhbz#1741796) - qemu: Pass correct qemuCaps to virDomainDefCopy (rhbz#1741796) - qemu: Pass correct qemuCaps to virDomainDefPostParse (rhbz#1741796) - qemu: Pass correct qemuCaps to virDomainDefParseNode (rhbz#1741796) - qemu: Pass correct qemuCaps to virDomainDeviceDefPostParse (rhbz#1741796) - qemu: Fix crash on incoming migration (rhbz#1741796) - network: fix crash during cleanup from failure to allocate port (rhbz#1741390) - network: replace virSaveLastError() with virErrorPreserveLast() (rhbz#1741390) - access: fix incorrect addition to virAccessPermNetwork (rhbz#1741428) - util: allow tap-based guest interfaces to have MAC address prefix 0xFE (rhbz#1743349) * Tue Aug 06 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.6.0-1 - Rebased to libvirt-5.6.0 (rhbz#1705225) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#1643404, rhbz#1721375, rhbz#1724065, rhbz#1726609, rhbz#1726643 rhbz#1727013, rhbz#1727866, rhbz#1729022, rhbz#1731332 * Fri Jul 26 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.5.0-2 - vircgroup: fix cgroups v2 controllers detection (rhbz#1513930) - vircgroupv2: store enabled controllers (rhbz#1513930) * Wed Jul 03 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.5.0-1 - Rebased to libvirt-5.5.0 (rhbz#1705225) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#1426162, rhbz#1513930, rhbz#1598657, rhbz#1717768, rhbz#1720517 rhbz#1720519, rhbz#1720522, rhbz#1720524, rhbz#1722360, rhbz#1723633 * Thu Jun 27 2019 Pavel Hrdina <> - 5.4.0-2 - RHEL: spec: Disable gluster on i686 (rhbz#1724445) - rpc: virnetlibsshsession: update deprecated functions (rhbz#1724678) * Tue Jun 04 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.4.0-1 - Rebased to libvirt-5.4.0 (rhbz#1705225) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#1580229, rhbz#1628475, rhbz#1702758, rhbz#1707708, rhbz#1716260 rhbz#1716261, rhbz#1716262, rhbz#1716263 * Tue May 07 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.3.0-1 - Rebased to libvirt-5.3.0 (rhbz#1705225) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#1578741, rhbz#1602418, rhbz#1680304, rhbz#1690240, rhbz#1292102 rhbz#1623389, rhbz#1658504, rhbz#1689165, rhbz#1689815, rhbz#1692926 rhbz#1217444, rhbz#1564270, rhbz#1580229, rhbz#1697676 * Fri Mar 15 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.0.0-7 - qemu: Set job statsType for external memory snapshot (rhbz#1688774) * Wed Mar 06 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.0.0-6 - qemu: Don't set migration caps when changing postcopy bandwidth (rhbz#1336709) * Fri Mar 01 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.0.0-5 - qemu: fix i6300esb watchdog hotplug on Q35 (rhbz#1666559) * Tue Feb 26 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.0.0-4 - RHEL: util: fix typo in iptables --delete command (rhbz#1679119) * Mon Feb 18 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.0.0-3 - vshtabletest: indent strings with expected output (rhbz#1676354) - vsh-table: allow empty columns (rhbz#1676354) - virsh: introduce ninfos variable in cmdDomFSInfo (rhbz#1676354) - virsh: rename ret to rc in cmdDomFSInfo (rhbz#1676354) - virsh: do not access uninitialized memory in cmdDomFSInfo (rhbz#1676354) - virsh: introduce 'ret' in cmdDomFSInfo (rhbz#1676354) - virsh: do not report error on zero filesystems in cmdDomFSInfo (rhbz#1676354) - virsh: use virBufferTrim in cmdDomFSInfo (rhbz#1676354) - virsh: allow empty targets in cmdDomFSInfo (rhbz#1676354) - util: fix memory leak in virFirewallDInterfaceSetZone() (rhbz#1672340) - internal: introduce a family of NULLSTR macros (rhbz#1662849) - virsh: fix snapshot list --parent (rhbz#1662849) - network: explicitly allow icmp/icmpv6 in libvirt zonefile (rhbz#1672340) * Fri Feb 08 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.0.0-2 - RHEL: qemu: Fix crash trying to use iSCSI hostdev (rhbz#1669966) - docs: Drop /dev/net/tun from the list of shared devices (rhbz#1671791) - qemu: conf: Remove /dev/sev from the default cgroup device acl list (rhbz#1671791) - qemu: cgroup: Expose /dev/sev/ only to domains that require SEV (rhbz#1671791) - qemu: domain: Add /dev/sev into the domain mount namespace selectively (rhbz#1671791) - security: dac: Relabel /dev/sev in the namespace (rhbz#1671791) - qemu: caps: Use CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE for probing to avoid permission issues (rhbz#1671791) - qemu: caps: Don't try to ask for CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE if non-root (rhbz#1671791) - qemu: command: Don't skip 'readonly' and throttling info for empty drive (rhbz#1672259) - Revert "RHEL: network: regain guest network connectivity after firewalld switch to nftables" (rhbz#1672340) - configure: change HAVE_FIREWALLD to WITH_FIREWALLD (rhbz#1672340) - util: move all firewalld-specific stuff into its own files (rhbz#1672340) - util: new virFirewallD APIs + docs (rhbz#1672340) - configure: selectively install a firewalld 'libvirt' zone (rhbz#1672340) - network: set firewalld zone of bridges to "libvirt" zone when appropriate (rhbz#1672340) - network: allow configuring firewalld zone for virtual network bridge device (rhbz#1672340) - util: remove test code accidentally committed to virFirewallDZoneExists (rhbz#1672340) - qemu: Use C99 initializers for qemuMigrationParamsTPMap (rhbz#1336709) - qemu: Add optional unit to qemuMigrationParamsTPMapItem (rhbz#1336709) - qemu: Rework qemuDomainMigrateSetMaxSpeed (rhbz#1336709) - qemu: Make migration params usable outside migration (rhbz#1336709) - Public API for post-copy migration bandwidth (rhbz#1336709) - qemu: Implement VIR_MIGRATE_PARAM_BANDWIDTH_POSTCOPY (rhbz#1336709) - qemu: Implement VIR_DOMAIN_MIGRATE_MAX_SPEED_POSTCOPY flag (rhbz#1336709) - virsh: Add support for setting post-copy migration bandwidth (rhbz#1336709) * Fri Jan 25 2019 Jiri Denemark <> - 5.0.0-1 - Rebased to libvirt-5.0.0 (rhbz#1666130) - The rebase also fixes the following bugs: rhbz#1597869, rhbz#1644567 - tests: qemuxml2argv: Add test case for empty CDROM with cache mode (rhbz#1668027) - qemu: command: Don't format image properties for empty -drive (rhbz#1668027) * Thu Dec 06 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.10.0-1 - Rebased to libvirt-4.10.0 * Tue Nov 20 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.9.0-1 - Rebased to libvirt-4.9.0 - RHEL: Fix virConnectGetMaxVcpus output (rhbz#1582222) - RHEL: spec: Require python3-devel on RHEL-8 (rhbz#1518446) - RHEL: network: regain guest network connectivity after firewalld switch to nftables (rhbz#1638864) * Fri Nov 09 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-14 - storage: Remove secretPath from _virStorageBackendQemuImgInfo (rhbz#1645459) - storage: Allow for inputvol to have any format for encryption (rhbz#1645459) - storage: Allow inputvol to be encrypted (rhbz#1645459) - access: Modify the VIR_ERR_ACCESS_DENIED to include driverName (rhbz#1631608) - docs: Enhance polkit documentation to describe secondary connection (rhbz#1631608) - qemu: Don't ignore resume events (rhbz#1634758, rhbz#1643338) * Thu Nov 01 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-13 - Revert "spec: Temporarily drop gluster support" (rhbz#1599339) * Wed Oct 17 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-12 - RHEL: Require firewalld-filesystem for firewalld rpm macros (rhbz#1639932) * Tue Oct 16 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-11 - virfile: fix cast-align error (rhbz#1634782) - virfiletest: Fix test name prefix for virFileInData test (rhbz#1634782) - virfiletst: Test virFileIsSharedFS (rhbz#1634782) - virFileIsSharedFSType: Detect direct mount points (rhbz#1634782) - virfile: Rework virFileIsSharedFixFUSE (rhbz#1634782) - RHEL: network: regain guest network connectivity after firewalld switch to nftables (rhbz#1638864) * Mon Oct 08 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-10 - conf: Fix check for chardev source path (rhbz#1609723) - tests: Reuse qemucapabilities data for qemucaps2xml (rhbz#1629862) - tests: Add more tests to qemucaps2xml (rhbz#1629862) - qemu: Drop QEMU_CAPS_ENABLE_KVM (rhbz#1629862) - qemu: Avoid probing non-native binaries all the time (rhbz#1629862) - qemu: Clarify QEMU_CAPS_KVM (rhbz#1629862) - qemu: Don't check for /dev/kvm presence (rhbz#1629862) - tests: Follow up on qemucaps2xmldata rename (rhbz#1629862) - security: dac: also label listen UNIX sockets (rhbz#1634775) - spec: Set correct TLS priority (rhbz#1632269) - spec: Build ceph and gluster support everywhere (rhbz#1599546) - virsh: Require explicit --domain for domxml-to-native (rhbz#1634769) - virFileIsSharedFSType: Check for fuse.glusterfs too (rhbz#1634782) - qemu: fix up permissions for pre-created UNIX sockets (rhbz#1634775) - cpu_map: Add features for Icelake CPUs (rhbz#1527657, rhbz#1526625) - cpu_map: Add Icelake CPU models (rhbz#1526625) - qemu: Properly report VIR_DOMAIN_EVENT_RESUMED_FROM_SNAPSHOT (rhbz#1634758) - qemu: Report more appropriate running reasons (rhbz#1634758) - qemu: Pass running reason to RESUME event handler (rhbz#1634758) - qemu: Map running reason to resume event detail (rhbz#1634758) - qemu: Avoid duplicate resume events and state changes (rhbz#1634758) - conf: qemu: add support for Hyper-V frequency MSRs (rhbz#1589702) - conf: qemu: add support for Hyper-V reenlightenment notifications (rhbz#1589702) - conf: qemu: add support for Hyper-V PV TLB flush (rhbz#1589702) * Wed Sep 05 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-9 - RHEL: Fix virConnectGetMaxVcpus output (rhbz#1582222) - storage: Add --shrink to qemu-img command when shrinking vol (rhbz#1622534) - access: Fix nwfilter-binding ACL access API name generation (rhbz#1622540) - conf: Add validation of input devices (rhbz#1591240) - tests: qemu: Remove disk from graphics-vnc-tls (rhbz#1598167) - tests: qemu: test more versions for graphics-vnc-tls (rhbz#1598167) - qemu: vnc: switch to tls-creds-x509 (rhbz#1598167) - qemu: mdev: Use vfio-pci 'display' property only with vfio-pci mdevs (rhbz#1624740) - virDomainDefCompatibleDevice: Relax alias change check (rhbz#1603133) - virDomainDetachDeviceFlags: Clarify update semantics (rhbz#1603133) - virDomainNetDefCheckABIStability: Check for MTU change too (rhbz#1623158) - RHEL: spec: Require python3-devel on RHEL-8 (rhbz#1518446) - qemu: monitor: Remove qemuMonitorJSONExtractCPUArchInfo wrapper (rhbz#1598829) - qemu: monitor: Use 'target' instead of 'arch' in reply of 'query-cpus-fast' (rhbz#1598829) * Tue Aug 21 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-8 - tests: Add missing thread_siblings_list files (rhbz#1608479) - util: Rewrite virHostCPUCountThreadSiblings() (rhbz#1608479) - utils: Remove arbitrary limit on socket_id/core_id (rhbz#1608479) - tests: Add linux-high-ids test (rhbz#1608479) - qemu: hotplug: Fix asynchronous unplug of 'shmem' (rhbz#1618680) - tests: rename hugepages to hugepages-default (rhbz#1615461) - tests: extract hugepages-numa-default-dimm out of hugepages-numa (rhbz#1615461) - tests: rename hugepages-numa into hugepages-numa-default (rhbz#1615461) - tests: remove unnecessary XML elements from hugepages-numa-default (rhbz#1615461) - tests: extract pages-discard out of hugepages-pages (rhbz#1615461) - tests: rename hugepages-pages into hugepages-numa-nodeset (rhbz#1615461) - tests: rename hugepages-pages2 into hugepages-numa-default-2M (rhbz#1615461) - tests: extract pages-discard-hugepages out of hugepages-pages3 (rhbz#1615461) - tests: rename hugepages-pages3 into hugepages-numa-nodeset-part (rhbz#1615461) - tests: rename hugepages-pages4 into hugepages-numa-nodeset-nonexist (rhbz#1615461) - tests: rename hugepages-pages5 into hugepages-default-2M (rhbz#1615461) - tests: rename hugepages-pages6 into hugepages-default-system-size (rhbz#1615461) - tests: rename hugepages-pages7 into pages-dimm-discard (rhbz#1615461) - tests: rename hugepages-pages8 into hugepages-nodeset-nonexist (rhbz#1615461) - tests: introduce hugepages-default-1G-nodeset-2M (rhbz#1615461) - tests: introduce hugepages-nodeset (rhbz#1615461) - conf: Move hugepage XML validation check out of qemu_command (rhbz#1615461) - conf: Move hugepages validation out of XML parser (rhbz#1615461) - conf: Introduce virDomainDefPostParseMemtune (rhbz#1615461) - tests: sev: Test launch-security with specific QEMU version (rhbz#1619150) - qemu: Fix probing of AMD SEV support (rhbz#1619150) - qemu: caps: Format SEV platform data into qemuCaps cache (rhbz#1619150) - conf: Parse guestfwd channel device info again (rhbz#1610072) * Thu Aug 16 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-7 - qemu_migration: Avoid writing to freed memory (rhbz#1615854) * Thu Aug 02 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-6 - qemu: Exempt video model 'none' from getting a PCI address on Q35 - conf: Fix a error msg typo in virDomainVideoDefValidate * Tue Jul 31 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-5 - esx storage: Fix typo lsilogic -> lsiLogic - networkGetDHCPLeases: Don't always report error if unable to read leases file - nwfilter: Resolve SEGV for NWFilter Snoop processing - qemu: Remove unused bypassSecurityDriver from qemuOpenFileAs - qemuDomainSaveMemory: Don't enforce dynamicOwnership - domain_nwfilter: Return early if net has no name in virDomainConfNWFilterTeardownImpl - examples: Add clean-traffic-gateway into nwfilters * Mon Jul 23 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-4 - qemu: hotplug: don't overwrite error message in qemuDomainAttachNetDevice - qemu: hotplug: report error when changing rom enabled attr for net iface - qemu: Fix setting global_period cputune element - tests: qemucaps: Add test data for upcoming qemu 3.0.0 - qemu: capabilities: Add capability for werror/rerror for 'usb-device' frontend - qemu: command: Move graphics iteration to its own function - qemu: address: Handle all the video devices within a single loop - conf: Introduce virDomainVideoDefClear helper - conf: Introduce virDomainDefPostParseVideo helper - qemu: validate: Enforce compile time switch type checking for videos - tests: Add capabilities data for QEMU 2.11 x86_64 - tests: Update capabilities data for QEMU 3.0.0 x86_64 - qemu: qemuBuildHostdevCommandLine: Use a helper variable mdevsrc - qemu: caps: Introduce a capability for egl-headless - qemu: Introduce a new graphics display type 'headless' - qemu: caps: Add vfio-pci.display capability - conf: Introduce virDomainGraphicsDefHasOpenGL helper - conf: Replace 'error' with 'cleanup' in virDomainHostdevDefParseXMLSubsys - conf: Introduce new <hostdev> attribute 'display' - qemu: command: Enable formatting vfio-pci.display option onto cmdline - docs: Rephrase the mediated devices hostdev section a bit - conf: Introduce new video type 'none' - virt-xml-validate: Add schema for nwfilterbinding - tools: Fix typo generating adapter_wwpn field - src: Fix memory leak in virNWFilterBindingDispose * Mon Jul 23 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-3 - qemu: hotplug: Do not try to add secret object for TLS if it does not exist - qemu: monitor: Make qemuMonitorAddObject more robust against programming errors - spec: Explicitly require matching libvirt-libs - virDomainConfNWFilterInstantiate: initialize @xml to avoid random crash - qemuProcessStartPRDaemonHook: Try to set NS iff domain was started with one - qemuDomainValidateStorageSource: Relax PR validation - virStoragePRDefFormat: Suppress path formatting for migratable XML - qemu: Wire up PR_MANAGER_STATUS_CHANGED event - qemu_monitor: Introduce qemuMonitorJSONGetPRManagerInfo - qemu: Fetch pr-helper process info on reconnect - qemu: Fix ATTRIBUTE_NONNULL for qemuMonitorAddObject - virsh.pod: Fix a command name typo in nwfilter-binding-undefine - docs: schema: Add missing <alias> to vsock device - virnetdevtap: Don't crash on !ifname in virNetDevTapInterfaceStats - tests: fix TLS handshake failure with TLS 1.3 * Mon Jul 09 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-2 - qemu: Add capability for the HTM pSeries feature - conf: Parse and format the HTM pSeries feature - qemu: Format the HTM pSeries feature - qemu: hotplug: Don't access srcPriv when it's not allocated - qemuDomainNestedJobAllowed: Allow QEMU_JOB_NONE - src: Mention DEVICE_REMOVAL_FAILED event in virDomainDetachDeviceAlias docs - virsh.pod: Drop --persistent for detach-device-alias - qemu: don't use chardev FD passing with standalone args - qemu: remove chardevStdioLogd param from vhostuser code path - qemu: consolidate parameters of qemuBuildChrChardevStr into flags - qemu: don't use chardev FD passing for vhostuser backend - qemu: fix UNIX socket chardevs operating in client mode - qemuDomainDeviceDefValidateNetwork: Check for range only if IP prefix set - spec: Temporarily drop gluster support * Tue Jul 03 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.5.0-1 - Rebased to libvirt-4.5.0 * Fri May 25 2018 Jiri Denemark <> - 4.3.0-1 - Rebased to libvirt-4.3.0 * Wed Mar 21 2018 Daniel P. Berrangé <> - 4.1.0-2 - Fix systemd macro argument with line continuations (rhbz#1558648) * Mon Mar 05 2018 Daniel Berrange <> - 4.1.0-1 - Rebase to version 4.1.0 * Wed Feb 07 2018 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 4.0.0-2 - Rebuilt for * Fri Jan 19 2018 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 4.0.0-1 - Rebase to version 4.0.0 * Wed Dec 20 2017 Cole Robinson <> - 3.10.0-2 - Rebuild for xen 4.10 * Tue Dec 05 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.10.0-1 - Rebase to version 3.10.0 * Fri Nov 03 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.9.0-1 - Rebase to version 3.9.0 * Wed Oct 04 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.8.0-1 - Rebase to version 3.8.0 * Mon Sep 04 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.7.0-1 - Rebase to version 3.7.0 * Wed Aug 02 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.6.0-1 - Rebase to version 3.6.0 * Sun Jul 30 2017 Florian Weimer <> - 3.5.0-4 - Rebuild with binutils fix for ppc64le (#1475636) * Tue Jul 25 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.5.0-3 - Disabled RBD on i386, arm, ppc64 (rhbz #1474743) * Mon Jul 17 2017 Cole Robinson <> - 3.5.0-2 - Rebuild for xen 4.9 * Thu Jul 06 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.5.0-1 - Rebase to version 3.5.0 * Fri Jun 02 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.4.0-1 - Rebase to version 3.4.0 * Mon May 08 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.3.0-1 - Rebase to version 3.3.0 * Mon Apr 03 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.2.0-1 - Rebase to version 3.2.0 * Fri Mar 03 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.1.0-1 - Rebase to version 3.1.0 * Fri Feb 10 2017 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 3.0.0-2 - Rebuilt for * Thu Jan 19 2017 Daniel P. Berrange <> - 3.0.0-1 - Rebase to version 3.0.0